Federal Funding Obligations

For colleges and universities reporting student performance.

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46% of students in the USA do not complete their degree. This statistic plays a pivotal role in federal and state funding for higher education institutions. With help from SEAtS grading and reporting student performance, you can easily deliver on federal funding and financial stakeholder obligations.

Reporting on student achievement for federal funding

To make sure government funding continues at your institution, implement extensive academic reporting. SEAtS cloud based student success platform integrates with your existing campus technology to provide a complete overview of student engagement. The result is accurate and comprehensive student reporting to satisfy all federal funding requirements.

Recommendation to improve student performance reporting

Federally funded grants require the student to maintain a level of academic engagement. Achieve visibility over student engagement in blended learning. Minimise the time and effort reporting for federal grants. Our Education Suite simplifies higher education compliance and management for the new normal.

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SEAtS proactively enhances our advising process with up-to-date information on course activity and learning patterns. SEAtS also provides us with student attendance documentation needed for federal financial aid reporting.

Dr. Shirley Adams, Provost

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Case Management Cloud

The SEAtS case management cloud creates one place to manage student success, all interventions, emails and reports in one place. Both academic and professional services staff have access to these tools and the student timeline that underpins. Our case management cloud can provide rich reporting on student attendance & engagement levels which will aid your college or university in their federal funding obligations.

Student Attendance Reporting

SEAtS student attendance tracking system captures attendance on campus and online. Attendance capture devices read your current student ID cards. Making them highly cost effective. This also significantly increases the speed of overall uptake of the solution across campus.

Our devices use our push-to-cloud technology to reduce the need for hardware on campus. They also work on your wireless and PoE networks which means significant time and money savings on system setup, wiring and infrastructure.

SEAtS collects, process and matches attendance against class schedules. The online class attendance tracker works with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and other online learning tools.

A suite of compliance reports and analytics will meet all of your attendance reporting requirements.

  • Wall-mounted Data Capture Terminals
  • Portable Data Capture Solutions
  • Class register via laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • Third party integration including Bluetooth beacons and wireless location solutions
  • Access Control Data Capture

  • Physical and online class attendance
  • Library visits
  • VLE interactions
  • Grades and submissions
  • 50+ other student touch points…

Student Engagement Reporting

SEAtS Learning Analytics makes sense of the metrics that matter. Equipped with a customisable engagement dashboard, institutions are able to track student engagement throughout the academic year.

Engagement data signals can be weighted and customised to mirror real-life engagement for schools and courses. A single student success score is collated from multiple data touch points.

Compare an individual student’s engagement relative to peers in their cohort. Find students who are struggling and make effective academic interventions before the situation worsens. As well as improving these students likelihood to succeed, you can ensure that you continue to receive federal funding.

Looking to meet federal funding and financial stakeholder obligations?

The team at SEAtS have over 20 years’ experience. Lean on our expertise to advise you in the most appropriate solutions for your institution.

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