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Simplify student visa compliance.

Use out-of-the-box workflows to meet and exceed requirements and automate reporting. Whether student visa compliance administration is handled by an entire team or a single person with other obligations, give staff the bandwidth they need to easily manage student visa compliance requirements.

International students requiring student visa compliance holding their country flags

Rapidly streamline visa compliance processes

Don’t let a student’s academic progression be hindered, or their experience tarnished, by failing to meet visa compliance requirements. Let students focus on their studies. Free up staff time to focus on providing timely, effective student support.

Build automated compliance workflows

Work closely with SEAtS Customer Success Team during onboarding to build out, test, and refine workflows that handle time-sensitive and administration heavy tasks in the background. Create 5-stage workflows that trigger from real-time changes in the system. Take a more proactive approach to supporting international students.

Student visa compliance workflow stage with actions for next steps
Visa compliance manager generating reports for international students

Exceed reporting requirements

Store all student activity in individual student profiles for a complete audit trail of their academic engagement. SEAtS connects to your existing campus systems and technology to pull engagement data from your physical and virtual campuses. Easily satisfy all internal and external stakeholder reporting requirements.

Give students control

We realise that it can be daunting for international students to leave their homes and travel long distances to pursue their academic dreams. SEAtS Mobile App aims to give students the tools to keep track of their progression and easily communicate with support staff when needed.

How it works

Track academic progress

Get at a glance updates on academic progression. Keep a complete record of the student journey. Drill down from overall student attendance and engagement figures to individual instances. Identify areas for improvement.

Request help from support staff

Give students the capacity to raise their hand if they need assistance from faculty or staff. Ensure no student’s wellbeing falls out of focus. Create a two-way channel of communication by combining top/down and bottom/up approaches.

Keep accurate attendance records

Allow students to take ownership over their attendance. Check-in and out of classes. If set, students can add their own absences for faculty or staff to approve them. Ensure that student attendance reports and dashboards are not skewed by missed information.

SEAtS Mobile App with homepage, attendance record, and request help form

A whole new look

SEAtS UI has been refreshed and improved for an even smoother and more enjoyable user experience.

SEAtS Student Engagement Dashboard with international students selected from filter for efficient visa compliance monitoring

Customisable for each person

Our Student Visa Compliance solution can be set up with preferences for each individual. While we’re showcasing all functionality, your institution might choose to turn off or customise certain features.

Benefits for everyone

Work from one platform

Eliminate the need for paper-based registers, excel spreadsheets, and jumping between alien systems by switching to SEAtS. Collate siloed student data in one platform and present it back to staff in a meaningful way for better engagement insights and timely action.

SEAtS platform integrations with leading campus technology
Student case manager working closely with international student to improve retention

Boost international student retention

Build on your institution’s international reputation by ensuring that international students receive proactive support, positive experiences, and successful outcomes. Make students feel connected to their campus and engaged with their studies.

Keep IT happy

SEAtS web and mobile apps are built entirely on the Microsoft Azure Cloud, which makes initial setup extremely easy. We are a Gold Microsoft Partner and Preferred Solution, so our platform is entirely compatible with your existing Microsoft stack. Our integration with Azure Active Directory allows users to use their institution email for Single Sign-On.

IT Staff member with Microsoft integrations

Take a guided tour

Get a complete overview of SEAtS Student Visa Compliance Solution in action today!