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Easily manage student success at business school.

SEAtS is an all-in-one solution for managing student scheduling, attendance, absence, engagement monitoring, student outreach, and retention strategies. With automated reporting, SEAtS helps Business Schools maintain internal and external stakeholder compliance while simultaneously improving student experiences and outcomes.

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Enhanced Student Engagement

Help improve student engagement by providing faculty and administrators with real-time data on student engagement levels. This data can be used to identify students who may be struggling and provide support to keep them on track. Block out time in student calendars for personalised interventions.

Automated Stakeholder Reporting

Maintain compliance with internal and external stakeholders. With automated reports on student performance, attendance, and engagement, staff at your business school are able to focus on improving outcomes rather than administrative tasks.

Business students in class with workflow builder examples for automated compliance and accreditation reporting for business school.
Student supportengagement officer working with a business student in a personal tutoring or academic advising meeting.

Improved Retention Strategies

Identify at-risk students and provide personalized support. By using both historical and real-time data to identify patterns and trends in student attrition, support staff can develop targeted retention strategies that address the unique needs of their student population.

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Monitor School Performance

Benefit from having one secure location to house all the performance metrics you need to stay firmly in the loop with every aspect of your business school. Use a range of dashboards to monitor building and room utilisation metrics as well as real-time student and staff performance.

Reduce Administration Time

Automate the many administrative processes to reduce the workload on staff and free up their time to focus on more important tasks. Use SEAtS powerful workflow builder to provide staff with the bandwidth needed to stay focused on supporting students to graduation.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

With SEAtS, you have one place to go for the meaningful data insights you need to make timely and informed decisions about curriculum design, teaching strategies, and student support services. SEAtS leverages your existing infrastructure to unlock hidden value from your investments.

Communicate More Efficiently

Bring all of your student communication under one roof. Create templates for bulk communications that you use again and again. Automate time consuming things like communicating with absentees after classes.

Monitor Student Progression

Rather than jumping from system to system and manually collating student data to understand how they are progressing, you can have all of your student’s progression data in one customisable real-time dashboard for whenever you need it.

Generate Performance Reports

Satisfy all reporting requirements with easy to generate reports on your students’ performance. Easily build out the reports you need and save them to be used again. Get back countless hours of your time to stay focused on what you do best.

Inform Course Planning

Use historical data to identify the most common pitfalls for previous students to inform future planning. By knowing how, when, and where learning happens for your students, you can build courses around their preferences and enhance their experiences.

Send Real-Time Reminders

Boost student attendance at your business school by automating reminders direct to their smartphones. Give students every chance to succeed by keeping them on track with their classes, tutor sessions, and advisor meetings.

Manage Rooms/Resources

Take complete control of your campus. Associate rooms with resources and give faculty the equipment they need, when they need it. Use campus, building, and room utilisation dashboards to identify sustainability opportunities.

Centralise Student Engagement

SEAtS connects to over 50 physical and virtual student touch points at your school. Our platform pulls siloed student data from across your campus into one engagement dashboard. Stay focused on the metrics that matter and represent true engagement for a business student.

Make Early Interventions

Build staged workflows to keep you updated on changes in student engagement, so you can reach out and get them back on track, before they disengage completely. The SEAtS Platform enables you to make effective interventions and ultimately boost student retention at your business school.

Remain Focused

Build out your engagement dashboard using extensive filtering and customisable column configurations to focus in on specific student cohorts. Save custom dashboard views to have at hand every time you open SEAtS.

Stay Up-To-Date

Keep on track with your studies with SEAtS Mobile App. Delve deeper into your performance using accurate engagement data. Get class reminders straight to your smartphone. View your upcoming events in SEAtS real-time calendar.

Ask For Help

Whether you have a question about your studies, need help from IT, or would just like to speak with someone, SEAtS Mobile App lets you raise your hand in real-time for the relevant member of staff to pick up.

Make Approval Requests

Benefit from a stress-free approach to making absence approval and mitigating circumstances requests. Create complete applications for staff to review and monitor their status in real-time, straight from your smartphone.

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