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Lecturer teaching students with learner statistics on SEAtS educator tool.

Intuitive educator tool for higher education.

Are you an academic staff member looking for a solution to help manage your workload, improve student outcomes, and enhance your teaching experience? Get in touch today!

Helping faculty focus on teaching

Our platform is built with academic staff in mind. We have designed features that allow you to track attendance, manage student progress, communicate with students and colleagues, and much more.

Save Time

Simplify many of your administrative tasks such as attendance tracking anywhere, managing absences, and distinguishing between in-person and online student attendance, which can save lecturers a significant amount of time. This means they can focus more on teaching and providing feedback to students, instead of spending hours on paperwork.

University lecturer teaching students with lecture dashboard to mark students as attended late and absent. Distinguish between in-person and online attendance.
University lecturer teaching students with individual student attendance and engagement data.

Plan Future Coursework

Real-time analytics and reporting can help lecturers make data-driven decisions about future coursework. They can use this information to adjust their teaching methods, improve course content, and personalise learning experiences for students based on their performance data. This can lead to more effective teaching and better outcomes for students.

6 key features for academic staff

Attendance Tracking

Easily track attendance for all of your classes. You’ll be able to quickly see which students are missing class and take action to help them stay on track.

Absence Management

Students can submit their absences for your approval. Let them take the first step so you don’t have to constantly chase them for reasons.

Student Progress Monitoring

Monitor student progress in real-time. You’ll be able to see how each student is doing and identify areas where they may be struggling.


Communicate with your students and colleagues. You can send templated or one-off email and SMS messages, as well as book in one-to-one meetings.

Workload Management

You can easily see your schedule, open cases, assign tasks, and approve mitigating circumstances requests. So, that you can stay on top of your work.


Benefit from a range of tools that allow you to analyse data, identify trends, and make informed decisions about your teaching and student support.

Hear from our users

“My experience was that students were totally accepting of the new attendance program. Nobody groused at adding it to their phone or in needing to check in. Students have been pretty good about remembering to check in without being prompted.”

Rhonda BriggsFaculty Member, Western Iowa Tech Community College
Student mobile app with GPS check in available classes Bluetooth beacon and card reader

“It is so easy for students to just tap in on a reader at the start of class than a member of staff having to call out a register. This gives more time for teaching and hopefully has a positive impact on the student experience.”

Adam CampbellQuality Officer, Ravensbourne University London

Start simplifying administration today!

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