Mobile App

Designed & engineered with mobile
devices in mind

How does it work?

1. Position iBeacon

• iBeacons are wireless so installation is as easy as removing the adhesive backing and sticking it to a wall or ceiling.

• Battery life lasts up to 3 years

2. Download SEAtS Mobile App

• iOS or Android

3. Tap-in

• Students open app, and tap-in to the upcoming class

• Unlimited reads per second

See what you can do with SEAtS Mobile

Students can:
  • Record attendance at the touch of a button
  • View class calendar
  • Access with laptop or smartphone
  • Request absence from class
  • Record Extra-curricular activity
  • Receive class notifications (Class cancellations, change of time or room)
Student Attendance Mobile App
Lecturers can:
  • Turn their phone into an iBeacon, allowing students to connect and record attendance anywhere.
  • Enter a student’s attendance
  • View attendance records based on tiered security access
Faculty can:
  • Monitor class attendance
  • Receive alerts if a student does not achieve minimum attendance requirements
  • Tiered access for data security

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