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Make those critical early interventions.

The early warning system for student retention, wellbeing, and compliance alerts.

Alert - Early Warning System for Student Success Overview
Identify students who need support. Apply filters and save views for quick access.
Keep track of the metrics that matter to you on your student retention dashboard.
Data signals are collated from across your physical and virtual campus into an AI-generated engagement score.
Alerts can be set to trigger on changes in engagement, so that students and staff are notified.

A new student retention strategy

SEAtS Alert is an early warning system designed for student retention and student wellbeing. Give your team the safety net they need.  Reduce dropouts and under-achievement by triggering effective, appropriate interventions and supports to every student on time every time.

Trigger Early Alerts

Notify staff and students that engagement criteria is not being met.

Reengage At-Risk Students

Provide support to the students who need it, before they critically drop off.

Boost Student Retention

Use software proven to improve retention rates and attainment for all students.

Connect to your campus systems

Pull student engagement data from over 50 student touch points across campus into one unifying platform. Learn more.

campus systems integrations

Track student wellbeing, stage by stage

Create engagement workflows that trigger escalations through pre-determined stages. Learn more.

student wellbeing workflow with actions

Set a baseline for academic success

Notify relevant faculty, staff, and students that engagement criteria is not being met.

student retention dashboard with workflow actions

Create a dialogue with struggling students

Use pre-existing templates, or create your own, to personalise interventions.

book appointments with students and academic mentors

Delve deeper into academic performance

Understand why a student is underperforming and apply that knowledge at scale.

student engagement analytics on the individual profile

Generate easy to understand progression reports

Monitor each intervention on the dashboard or through custom reports, which allow for at a glance updates. Learn more.

generate academic reports on student attendance

The benefits to your institution

Transform your campus data into an effective student retention strategy.

Reduce student attrition rates

Keeping track of each student’s progression can be time consuming. With Alert, faculty are automatically alerted of student progress changes.

Capture Student Engagement

Pull student engagement data from across your physical and virtual campus into one live retention dashboard. Track academic progression and student wellbeing at school, course, module, and individual level.

Track At-Risk Students

Create your own SmartTags to manage specific cohorts of students. Add and remove  tags as part of a workflow. Filter and find the students you are looking for quickly. Tag students as cause for concern, etc.

academic staff creating custom tags to keep track of student cohorts
student on mobile app checking into class via gps

Automate time-consuming tasks

Our solutions have been specifically designed to remove complexity from administrative processes at your institution.

Remove Human Error

Let academic staff and case managers focus on providing effective support to students. With Alert as a safety net, no student is lost in blended learning. Advisors are notified when student engagement criteria is not being met.

Register Real-Time Attendance

Paper based student attendance registers can become a thing of the past. Educators can start their class from one dashboard, where they can manually enter, or automatically capture, student attendance.

Boost international student retention

Make sure that your international students feel right at home. Build visa compliance workflows that prioritise the student experience.

Automate Student Outreach

Trigger real-time email communications, online meeting requests, and appointment bookings when a student’s engagement drops. Let international students know that their participation is important to you.

Simplify Visa Compliance Reporting

Save countless hours of administration time by automating student visa compliance reporting. You can easily meet and exceed reporting requirements with comprehensive attendance and engagement reports.

Student Visa Compliance Officer working closely with international student.

Who is using SEAtS Alert?

SEAtS Alert helps us improve the support we give to students. SEAtS is more than an attendance solution. It is a Fitbit for student success.

Alison LeveyAssociate Pro Vice Chancellor, Aston University

SEAtS has been a very effective tool to help improve student retention rates, bucking the trend for non-continuation. Solent saw a 14.4% increase in the retention of students repeating a year from the first year of implementing.

Alexandra BanksHead of Student Success, Solent University

SEAtS Alert positively impacts the success rates of our students by improving retention and graduation rates, which has significant implications for both the students and the institution.

Dr. Jennifer WashingtonRegistrar, Charter Oak State College

Go beyond data!

Get a full live walkthrough of our early warning system for student success.