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Build academic timetables better.

Manage modern hybrid and workplace scheduled and timetables with ease.

Schedule new teaching event with hybrid academic timetabling.

Scheduling and timetabling for the Modern Institution

SEAtS Schedule is a modern timetabling system that simplifies managing in person, remote workplace learning and teaching Power-up, or replace entirely, your existing student scheduling software for the new normal.

Import Legacy Timetables

We work with you to get your existing timetable into SEAtS Schedule.

Spend less time creating entire semesters of academic timetables.

Ensure User Delight

Schedule Students Faster

With a modern design experience, adoption happens naturally for users.

Build master schedules

Create course, module and event delivery patterns.

Build master schedules and academic timetables

Create repeating and Ad hoc events

Schedule a one-off class, or an entire semester of hybrid learning classes.

create blended learning classes with room capacity management

Review exceptions and violations

Easily review and act on clashes and violations during the scheduling process.

review class exceptions and violations

View schedule by calendar or table

Draft or final timetables can be visualized using the Calendar or Table view.

view academic calendar and upcoming classes

Bulk update events with Microsoft Teams Sync

Quickly create hybrid learning events with Teams. Microsoft Office Teams logo

bulk sync classes to student Microsoft Teams calendars

Attend in-person or online

Let students claim a seat in class, or attend virtually.

student claim seat from academic calendar

The benefits to your institution

Improve on/off campus and student management with unrivalled functionality.

Accommodate new ways of learning

When it comes to modern education, blended (or hybrid) learning – through a combination of online and classroom-based teaching – is here to stay.

Build Personalised Academic Timetables

Examine the efficiency of your timetables. Have the flexibility to respond and communicate real-time changes to rooming and lesson timings. Keep commuter students’ academic calendars up to date.

Simplify Blended Learning Delivery

Facilitate a seamless integration of technology and digital media with traditional in-person teaching. Manage room capacities and resources. Schedule online classes that can be synchronous or asynchronous.

hybrid academic timetabling - blended learning class
hybrid academic timetabling - space utilisation dashboard

Build a sustainable campus

Use real-time data to reduce heating and lighting usage and costs. Identify improvements that can be made rapidly and lay the foundation for the future.

Manage Rooms and Resources

Use SmartTags for efficient room and resource management. Couple teaching spaces, breakout rooms, and study areas with equipment to ensure accessibility is always part of your academic timetabling process.

Improve Space Utilisation

Maximise the potential of your existing space. Measure the efficiency of your timetables using live space utilisation metrics, from expected attendance against actual footfall data.

Schedule students anywhere

Wherever learning happens at your institution, build academic timetables that cater for in-person, online, and offsite learning.

Online class scheduling

Online class links can be added to existing timetables at the import level, or by editing classes in SEAtS. Give students the flexibility to attend classes online without compromising their experience.

Scheduling offsite learning

Create offsite teaching events and ensure students are there with GPS mobile check-in. Easily keep track of how students are progressing, even when they are off-campus.

Timetable manager scheduling online classes with Microsoft Teams links.

Who is using SEAtS Schedule?

SEAtS Schedule makes our scheduling quicker and more effective. It allows us to share schedules and any changes to the timetable with student and staff more easily.

Emilia KokkonenLearning Technology Manager, HELBUS

SEAtS Schedule has made improvements across all our stakeholders; from students being notified of immediate timetable changes, faculty engagement with technology, and administrative time benefiting from scheduling tasks become more efficient.

Ian FrasierChief Executive Officer, ESO

SEAtS will provide sector-leading capability so that we are able to proactively identify students who may be encountering difficulties in engaging with their studies.

Emily ThorntonProgression & Support Manager, City

Available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, SEAtS are committed to making it as easy as possible for Microsoft customers to implement our hybrid academic timetabling solution.

SEAtS Schedule is available to purchase direct from the Azure Marketplace.

Start simplifying student scheduling today!

Get a full live demo and walkthrough of our hybrid academic timetabling solution.