Hybrid Ready Academic Timetable

The new normal needs a new timetabling solution. Manage your timetable, your way with SEAtS. With Blended learning as standard, you can assign classes to any cohort, and identify the class as online or in-class.

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Capture Attendance Anywhere

SEAtS Attendance Management System lets you capture proof of presence and engagement OnCampus and Online! Our broad, flexible range of standalone and hybrid solutions meets the needs of schools, departments and institutions of all sizes.

Student Attendance

Harness the power of your campus data

Physical data like class attendance and library visits are interwoven with digital data from timetables, socio-demographic profiles and historic attainment to understand how a student learns. The result is a personalised view of engagement, retention and achievement for every student.

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Proactively monitor and engage with at-risk students

SEAtS Student attendance monitoring is the first step to student retention. From identifying at-risk students to managing individual student cases, SEAtS Student Case Management provides total visibility over student progression. Our Early Warning System compliments student attendance data with hundreds of other data-points to provide real-time early alerts and interventions for at-risk students.

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#COVID19 Campus Early Alert & Fever Screening

SEATS have been busy working with our customers, advisers in education matters and hardware partners to look at innovative ways of using our software and devices to make the return to campus safer for staff and students.

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