3 ways SEAtS helps to

Deliver on Student Success Goals

Drive better student outcomes
Combine physical and online student attendance capture with engagement analytics for a complete view of student progression.

Facilitate effective interventions
Real-time early alerts for at-risk students.

Customise lead indicators
Identify the Metrics that really matter.

More about student KPI dashboards.

Smartphone space utilisation

Inform operational and strategic decision making
Make the most of your existing space and optimise for future planning.

Blended learning ready
Cloud-based student management solutions designed for the future.

Space Utilisation
Improve continuous campus space management.

More about space utilisation.

Deliver a better student experience
Implement proven student success solutions to compliment your education offering.

SEAtS Mobile App
Give students ownership of their own engagement.

Student Retention
Keep students on track to graduate.

More about student retention.

smartphone better student experience


Customise engagement criteria for individual schools. Many schools utilise the power of SEAtS to measure student engagement.

Art Schools
Business Schools
Law Schools
Medical Schools
Nursing & Midwifery
Veterinary Schools
Engineering Schools
Charter Schools
Institutes of Technology
K-12 Schools
Community Colleges
Online Schools