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We deliver these services both directly and through our systems integration, consulting & technology partners.

Solutions Delivery

Solution Delivery is where strategic planning meets real-world application. SEAtS work with our customers to choose a deployment strategy aligned with your institution’s. Learn more…

Consulting Services

SEAtS cloud and on-premise applications are far more cost-effective and easier to deploy and manage than software from traditional HE software applications suppliers. Learn more…

Technology Services

SEAtS technology team can offer expertise in both our core component technologies and integration with existing infrastructure software and hardware within our customers existing systems architecture. Learn more…

Change Management

SEAtS Software’s change management approach has been developed to help institutions achieve this type of process transformation. Learn more…

Training & Education

Early ROI requires fast adoption and acceptance of our software and processes across the campus. Early adoption is driven by training and knowledge transfer. Learn more…


We consider support as important as our software development. If you need help, get all of your questions answered quickly with exclusive access to our dedicated support team. We deliver support Monday to Friday.

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