Space Utilisation

For campus planning and facilities management.

Space Utilisation software

Drive sustainability, safety, and efficiency on your campus with SEAtS Smart Campus Insights

SEAtS Smart Campus Insights delivers universities, colleges, and schools, the actionable insights, alerts, and tools to optimize campus safetysustainability, scheduling efficiency, and strategic planning.

  • Track live campus space utilization
  • Optimize future space planning and overall campus management
  • Trigger Health and Safety and Space Utilization mis-match alerts.

A web based space management system…

Our 100% cloud based management system delivers a consistent picture of space utilisation that is updated in real-time. Eliminate the need for physical room audits with smart campus analytics.

Hybrid Academic Timetabling
Hybrid Academic Timetabling - Space Utilisation

Find available rooms and update legacy timetables with Microsoft Teams or Zoom online lectures. Identify space that is being underutilised and scheduling conflicts. Improve overall campus management by sending real-time notifications of scheduling updates and cancellations.

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Student Attendance Management
Student Attendance Management - Space Utilisation

Make your student attendance data go further. Connect students to campus with SEAtS mobile app. Students get in-app live class prompts and notifications of timetable changes. Meaning everyone is on the same page.

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Student Engagement Analytics
Student Engagement Analytics - Space Utilisation

Understand how students interact with their learning. Mirror what is really happening on your campus. Add insights to your University strategic planning.

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Space Utilisation Software

… that drives efficient space utilisation

Institutions use SEAtS Space Management System:

  • To see how they are currently using space
  • To optimise lecture hall capacities for social distancing
  • When looking to move or expand campus
  • If they are sharing space with other universities
  • To model future space planning requirements

Search Rooms - space utilisation
Search available rooms

Timetables are a fluid entity in the early stages of a new academic year. Students jump from one course to another, there are room resource restrictions and, of course, room capacity obligations based on social distancing. These are just some of the space utilisation challenges facing timetable management.

With SEAtS Room Search, administrators can search for alternative room availability based on location, and capacity. Once an alternative room has been found, SEAtS reassigns students and staff to the new class via an updated timetable event, all with just one click.

Reserve a Seat

A big challenge in the upcoming academic year is how to assign students to online and physical classes. With a scheduled class of 150, and physical room capacity set at 75, the obvious approach would be to alternative online and physical classes between the students. However, there will be students who do not wish to attend any physical classes which brings a level of complexity.

SEAtS resolve this using a Request a Seat feature whereby students are offered a physical seat up to the room’s capacity on a first come first serve basis. For room efficiency, students can release the seat they have booked if they change their mind which then goes back into a round-robin system to maximise physical room attendance.

SEAtS calendar presents students with either a link to an online lecture (Teams, Moodle, Zoom) or the physical room details to maintain clarity.

Reserve seat on app - Space Utilisation

Start managing space more efficiently

A large scale strategic investment in facilities/ estates/ new campus requires rock solid data to model expected space utilisation over the coming decade. Achieving a complete insight into your space utilisation requires accurate student engagement and attendance data.

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