Solutions Delivery

This is where strategic planning meets real-world application. Our solutions delivery approach offers a number of tailored options to assist in the adoption of our solutions across your campus.

SEAtS Assist

1. Deployment is carried out by personnel from within your institution

2. SEAtS professional services team act in a supporting capacity only

3. We provide comprehensive training services to your project team.

SEAtS Mentor

1. Our professional services team completes the bulk of the initial effort, with your team shadowing & supporting.

2. Later your team will assume the primary role with SEAtS personnel moving to support-only roles.

SEAtS 360

1. The ‘turn-key’ approach, SEAtS personnel take responsibility for the entire project life-cycle. Your team offer advisory and technical support to the project.

Additional Options

Whatever deployment model you choose we ensure that your team are always informed via a dedicated project manager who provides detailed progress reports and consistent updates on project status, milestones and deliverables.

Theme Options

SEAtS ships with standard user guides and online help. To encourage usage and adoption, manuals can be tailored to meet your institutions culture and specific policies & procedures.

Tailored Reports & KPIs

Specific reports, KPIs and dashboards requested by the customer can be deployed through SEAtS Analytics. These bespoke options offer additional strategic and tactical insight into the day-to-day activities of your institution.

Automated Testing

SEAtS can assist you to develop, build and run robust automated test, harness methodology to ensure changes and updates to your existing environment do not affect the current configuration.

Change Management

We can assist in the design and execution of a comprehensive internal communications program aimed at proactively informing students and staff of changes and benefits that they will experience from SEAtS, as well as encouraging student and staff engagement and adoption of the SEAtS Platform.