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Attendance Tracking

1 Capture physical and virtual attendance through hardware or mobile apps. SEAtS Attendance Capture Devices will read your current student ID cards. This makes them highly cost effective and also significantly increases the speed of adoption of the solution on your campus. SEAtS devices use our push-to-cloud technology to reduce the need for hardware on campus.Learn more…

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Learning Analytics

2 On-board and score data from multiple sources in real time. SEAtS predictive analytics collect, categorise and score data collected from physical and digital touch-points. This data is interwoven with data from timetables, socio-demographic and historic attainment, student information and data harvested from other campus systems. The result is a personalised view of engagement, retention and achievement for every student.Learn more…

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Early Warning System

3 Generating real time alerts for potential “at-risk” students. SEAtS interventions trigger hundreds of messages from previously unknown at-risk students in the first few days of setup. Their teams are now fully engaged with these students & tracking their progression through our software.Learn more…

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Case Management

4 Putting everything related to student success in one place for advisors and faculty. Our platform makes student retention & success strategies more effective, easier to manage and compliance reporting simpler. SEAtS cloud software installs fast and is easy to use and run. It is designed to keep students on their courses & help them achieve their full potential.Learn more…

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5 Capture and report evidence of substantive engagement for federal and stakeholder compliance. SEAtS visa & immigration compliance early warning system, can help you take a big step towards taking UKVI and other Stakeholder Compliance off your risk register next year. Due to demand in the sector SEAtS have built a stand-alone module for Tier 4 Visa Compliance.Learn more…

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