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Space Utilisation

SEAtS Software delivers a consistent picture of space utilisation that is updated in real-time while protecting fee income maximising your facility and infrastructure investments.

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SEAtS can assist you maximise space utilisation and other resources, manage your rental bill and plan for the future. SEAtS software, in addition to retaining your students and protecting fee income, can maximise your facilities and infrastructure investments. University timetable can never tell the full story or paint the full picture of campus utilisation and fitness for purpose.

What we do

SEAtS delivers a consistent picture of utilisation that is updated in real-time. SEAtS Analytics will eliminate the need for physical room audits and give you the analysis of the data you need to inform time-tabling and plan for the future.

Where SEAtS can assist in driving efficiency…

  • Are you looking to expand or move your campus?
  • Are you sharing space with other Universities?
  • Would you like to how you are currently using spaces?
  • Do you want to model future requirements based on actual data?

Supporting the Strategic Planning Team

A large scale strategic investment in facilities / estates / new campus requires rock solid data to model expected space utilisation over the coming decade. Timetables and room audits are but two pieces of the jigsaw. Achieving complete insight into your space utilisation, requires accurate student engagement and attendance data and this is where SEAtS comes into its own, mirroring what is really happening on your campus.

  • Over-bookings
  • Under-bookings
  • Over-crowding
  • Capacity planning

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