Space Utilisation

Maximise space, optimise for future planning, and reduce costs with real-time data

Space utilisation dashboard


  • Are you looking to expand or move campus?
  • Are you sharing space with other Universities?
  • Would you like to know how you are currently using space?
  • Do you want to model future requirements based on actual data?

Achieving complete insight into your space utilisation requires accurate student engagement and attendance data. SEAtS shows what is really happening on your campus.

SEAtS easily integrates into all campus systems, and is easy to run. Find out how SEAtS records student attendance.

This program has allowed Western Iowa Tech Community College to become even more innovative in the way we embrace technology across the campus. Streamlining this process means we are making better use of classroom time. The data we receive from SEAtS will allow us to uncover trends about our students. This will help us to make decisions college-wide that increase student success.

Terry Murrell, President

Space Utilisation Testimonial

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