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SEAtS offers a full suite of advisory and technology consulting services. Our primary objective is to ensure our customers derive the maximum benefit from the deployment of our software.

Student Attendance Data Capture

Student ID Card Reader Devices (Wall-mounted and Free-Standing)

bluetooth ibeacon technology

  • Capture physical student attendance.
  • Suitable for any entrance or exit points.
  • Devices read existing student cards.

SEAtS Mobile and Cellphone Solutions

Native Mobile Apps for Apple IOS and Android Mobiles. Bluetooth 2.0 , GPS and NFC Ready. Fixed and Portable Enterprise Bluetooth iBeacon technology and device management software.

SEAtS Mobile 3.0 devices technology

  • Check in through mobile app.
  • Calendar & class schedule display.
  • Graphical attendance displays by module.

Data Science and Machine Learning Analytics

Score data in real time

Wall Mounted Devices technology

  • Collect & score data from digital touch points.
  • Predict outcomes for entire student populations.
  • Identify emerging trends and patterns.

KPI Dashboards, Data Warehouse and Realtime Student Success Analytics

Designed to meet your needs

Wall Mounted Devices technology

  • Identify the metrics that really matter.
  • Build easy to understand visuals for each data set.
  • Connect dashboard indicators to reports.

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