Student Attendance

Student attendance is a building block of student achievement and a powerful indicator of student progress. Student attendance management software assists institutions in allocating appropriate resources in a timely manner. Empowering students to check-in provides greater efficiency for faculty administrators, and the scope for data-driven decisions.

iphone with attendance tracking onscreen

We provide

  • Critical early intervention improves progression rates, thereby increasing student retention
  • Fully automated workflows and full case management simplifies internal processes so faculty can deal with issues in a timely manner
  • KPI dashboards provide a complete picture of each student. and collectively, for proactive data driven decisions

What we do

Student Attendance Management Software captures proof of presence, engagement and student success. SEAtS offers a hybrid solution that aligns to the needs of each school, program or course. Our student attendance devices read current student ID cards to reduce cost and minimise disruption. SEAtS integrates with all campus systems for fast and efficient deployment. Student ID Card Readers and Bluetooth iBeacons use push-to-cloud software. Student attendance registration appears on staff screens instantly so staff have the right information at teh right time.

What it means for your campus

Installation costs are minimised with our Wi-Fi options thereby allowing for uncomplicated deployment. Our instant on-cloud platforms mean that reports, alerts and dashboards work as soon as you switch on SEAtS.

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