Student Retention

Monitor attendance, identify those at-risk, facilitate engagement, achieve student success.

The system automates attendance monitoring on campus, creating significant time and cost benefits, but the real power of the SEAtS System lies in its ability to enable real-time analysis of a range of student engagement signals to derive each student’s individual engagement profile.

Professor Alan Speight, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Education

SEAtS wants to reverse a worrying trend which has seen student retention rates decrease over the last decade.

A key indicator of student progress is attendance. SEAtS provides the hardware and software necessary to record accurate attendance. Attendance data combined with dozens of other data points offer a complete digital progress report of each student.

Workflows allow faculty administrators to automate contact with the student and escalate at-risk students for data-driven case management.

SEAtS has seen clients increase retention by 15% in the first year of use, translating into millions of increased revenue.

SEAtS easily integrates into all campus systems, and is easy to run. Find out how it works.

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