Student Retention

For monitoring attendance. Identifying those at-risk. Facilitating engagement. Achieving student success.

Student retention software in higher education

SEAtS provides a unified campus-wide dashboard. Tying together all available data. Give academic support and welfare professionals the actionable insights they need to trigger outreach and critical early interventions.

Improve student outcomes and address issues early. Add SEAtS to your student success retention strategies.

A web based student success platform…

Our 100% cloud based student success platform enables university staff to track key performance and attrition metrics. Alert staff to at-risk students and improve ongoing academic retention.

Early Warning System
Early Warning System - Student Retention Software

Proactively monitor and engage with at-risk students. Real-time early alerts ensure no time is wasted.

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Case Management
Case Management System - Student Retention Software

Manage individual cases from a customisable dashboard. View open cases and create manual case interventions. Equipped with custom functionality to ensure user satisfaction.

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Student Engagement Analytics
Learning Analytics - Student Retention Software

Harness the power of your campus data. Collate hundreds of student touch points for a complete picture of student engagement online, on campus, and on placement. Never lose visibility over student progression.

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… that promotes effective student retention

SEAtS harvests data from sources all over your campus and makes sense of it.

The system automates attendance monitoring on campus, creating significant time and cost benefits, but the real power of the SEAtS System lies in its ability to enable real-time analysis of a range of student engagement signals to derive each student’s individual engagement profile.

Professor Alan Speight, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Education

University of Hull | Customer success with SEAtS Student Retention software

  • Integrates into all campus systems.
  • Delivers real time alerts, insights, and calls to action.
  • Workflows allow faculty administrators to automate contact with the student.
  • Escalate at-risk students for data-driven student case management.
  • Provide capture and report evidence of substantive engagement for compliance obligations.

Ensure student success and retention

Allow tutors to make early informed interventions. Improve student retention and performance. Reduce course abandonment.

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