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Maintaining a Tier 4 Sponsor License for UKVI is a priority for all Higher Education Institutions in the UK.

According to PWC’s 2018 report on Managing Risk in Higher Education, UKVI compliance is top of all HEI risk registers, especially for Tier 4 Sponsors wishing to maintain their Tier 4 Sponsorship license.

Tier 4 Sponsor UKVI Compliance Risks Tier 4 Sponsorship

UKVI Compliance for Tier 4 Sponsor Licenses is a top priority risk factor for all HEIs.

SEAtS Software is a powerful tool that helps universities meet their Tier 4 Sponsor obligations for UKVI, such as:

  • Keeping copies of students’ passports, immigration status documents, visas or Biometric Residence Permits.
  • Updating Tier 4 Sponsorship students’ contact details regularly.
  • Holding a copy of a student’s Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS) clearance certificate if needed by the student’s course or research.
  • Checking Tier 4 Sponsor students registration and reporting any late or missing registrations to UKVI.
  • Monitoring each student’s attendance and reporting any dropouts, suspensions, withdrawals or unauthorised absences to UKVI.
  • Reporting any changes in your circumstances to UKVI, e.g. a change in your immigration status that affects your Tier 4 sponsorship, a change of course at the University, early completion of your studies.
  • Reporting any evidence that a Tier 4 Sponsor student is violating the conditions of his/her immigration permission.

SEAtS is the world’s most effective student attendance platform in Higher Education. International students are a valuable asset and SEAtS prioritises UKVI compliance and protecting Tier 4 Sponsor licenses for HEIs.


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