Training & Education

SEAtS objective is to ensure that our customers realise the benefits and ROI from our solutions as early as possible. Early ROI requires fast adoption and acceptance of our software and processes across the campus. Early adoption is driven by training & education knowledge transfer.

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SEAtS delivers comprehensive, instructor-led, in-classroom training to prepare both academic and administrative staff to get the maximum benefit from our software. Class-room Sessions combine textbook and product walk-throughs with hands-on lab exercises.

Virtual Classroom

SEAtS Virtual Classroom offers the advantage of live instructor-led training without the travel related expense and associated loss of time. Attendees participate remotely through web-meetings to access the virtual training environment, and complete the same course and exercises as they would in person.

Train the Trainer

With all SEAtS customers, the large numbers of staff requiring training in the early stage of the project often makes the train the trainer approach the most cost and time effective option. SEAtS have designed specific courses to impart the right knowledge to our customers training personnel to make their sessions as effective as possible.

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