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SEAtS Software, a leading provider of actionable insights for Higher and Further Education, announce the successful launch of their new integration with Juniper Mist Networks to deliver transformative space management and resource utilization insights for education institutions. 

SEAtS Space Management Software will allow institutions with Juniper MIST networks to gain real-time insights into campus, building and room occupancy levels. This will assist institutions looking to improve their sustainability, reduce energy and heating costs and optimize existing resources. 

SEAtS Software Resource Utilization Insights

SEAtS Software’s new integration with Juniper Mist Networks will improve space management and resource utilization for higher and further education 

SEAtS Software and Juniper Mist Integration

The new integrations will provide substantial benefit to institutions with Juniper hardware installed. Integrating directly with the MIST API, SEAtS will deliver spatial analytics and insights through a custom Resource Utilization Dashboard to Juniper customers with minimal setup and quick implementation. 

Resource Utilization Dashboard Features

SEAtS Space Management Software for Juniper customers will offer custom dashboards and reports providing real-time, actionable insights into building and room occupancy levels, unused space or underutilized rooms, seating efficiency and more. These insights will give timetabling, estate and c-suite staff the information they need to optimize resources and efficiently plan for the future. SEAtS customers report significant changes to strategic planning based on SEAtS Resource Utilization Analytics. 

Some of the key features of SEAtS Space Management Software:

Resource Utilization Dashboard
  • Average Room Occupancy Chart: This chart shows the average room occupancy by presence, absence and unscheduled seats. 
  • Occupancy by X chart: This radial pie chart shows the average levels of occupancy, absences, and unscheduled seats broken down your chosen entity.  

This can be broken down by Organization (i.e. related to schools, courses, modules, etc.) or Space ( i.e. related to sites, buildings, rooms.) 

SEAtS Space Management Software
Space Management Software
  • Utilization chart: The resource utilization chart hourly and total utilization, as a series of stacked bar charts. 
  • Custom Views: Save custom views for relevant teams within your institution and have actionable insights available at-a-glance.  
  • Advanced Filtering: Drill down on occupancy and resource utilization levels by: Sites, Buildings, Rooms, Schools, Courses, Module.
  • New Multi-Select Filtering: Enable advanced search on space data with SEAtS multi-select dashboard filtering. 

The Benefits of SEAtS Space Management Software 

There are many benefits to using SEAtS Resource Utilization Dashboard. Providing the ability to track resource utilization and occupancy of rooms will allow an institution to appropriately assign rooms for classes and correctly utilize & expand their infrastructure as needed, as well as reducing energy costs.   

Many universities and colleges are struggling with rising energy costs and increasing sustainability expectations. Space management software can help institutions surface wasted light and heat consumption and optimize resources. This will bring energy costs down and drive sustainability efforts. 

Benefits of SEAtS Resource Utilization Dashboard: 

  • Safety – Real-time location data and safety alerts for all staff and students. 
  • Efficiency – Live space and resource management for more efficient planning and reduced costs. 
  • Sustainability – Reduce your campus’ carbon footprint and achieve your sustainability goals. 

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