Warning Escalation

SEAtS constantly monitors each student and notifies faculty if a student is not meeting set parameters like attendance, or completed coursework. A student is escalated to more severe stages depending on how a student response.

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Review stage escalation

Quickly monitor all cases within a certain stage. Take for example attendance. If a student does not meet the requirements, the student will be escalated from Stage 0 to Stage 1, with Stage 5 being the most severe.

Stage by Stage Review

View all students at each stage from 0 to 5. Quickly see how each case is being dealt with one click. Ascertain how long a case is remaining at a particular stage so processes can be updated to streamline response times.

Communication Hub

SEAtS simplify communication by allowing users to send communications directly from the SEAtS Platform. While templates are provided, a user can create their own communication templates like an email or letter. Each of these communications is stored directly in the student profile for efficient student management.

Faculty can create their own templates to suit a wide variety of issues, with manual responses available for unusual cases. Early stages generate automatic communications to the student while later stages require manual intervention generated through the SEAtS Platform.

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