August Updates

Our development team has been working hard to bring you innovative updates around powerful room occupancy tools, online engagement features, and efficient absence management.

For more information on these exciting new features, please contact your assigned Project Manager or contact our experienced engagement specialists by emailing [email protected]

Available Today: Thermal Scanners

SEAtS are proud to announce the first rollout of our new thermal scanners which will be the first line of defence in the fight against COVID19 and bring visual reassurance to students and staff as they take their first steps on campus.

Our thermal devices will read users’ temperature within a second and provide visual next steps to students who exceed a temperature of 37 degrees.

To order your thermal devices, please contact your assign Project Manager or email [email protected] for more information.

SEAtS Thermal Scanner

New Feature: Search Available Rooms

Timetables are a fluid entity in the early stages of a new academic year. Students jump from one course to another, there are room resource restrictions and, of course, room capacity obligations based on social distancing. These are just some of the challenges facing timetable management.

With SEAtS Room Search, administrators can search for alternative room availability based on location, and capacity. Once an alternative room has been found, SEAtS reassigns students and staff to the new class via an updated timetable event, all with just one click.

New Feature: Reserve A Seat

A big challenge in the upcoming academic year is how to assign students to online and physical classes. With a scheduled class of 150, and physical room capacity set at 75, the obvious approach would be to alternative online and physical classes between the students. However, there will be students who do not wish to attend any physical classes which brings a level of complexity.

SEATS resolves this using a Request a Seat feature whereby students are offered a physical seat up to the capacity on a first come first serve basis. For room efficiency, students can release the seat they have booked if they change their mind which then goes back into a round robin system to maximise physical room attendance.

Reserve seat on app
Student online attendance

New Feature: Enhanced Online Engagement

When does attendance transition to engagement? SEAtS powerful online engagement tool eAttend captures live class attendance, as well as student engagement analysis of a particular class resource up to 3 days after the timetabled event. This gives a broader interpretation of student engagement, and allows advisors to analyse how students are interacting with online resources during and after the live event.

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