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Easy-to-Use Dashboards for Every User and Role

Track engagement, make timely interventions with struggling students, and much more.

student engagement, space, and early alerts - dashboards

Features of Dashboards

Icon Alert Reminder
Automatically push notifications to student faculty when students are at risk of dropping out.

Real-time retention

Icon Tag
Use custom tags to filter and track specific cohorts of students.

Easily group related

Icon Live Dashboards
Pull student engagement data into one place. Track progression at school, course, and individual level.

Live retention

Icon Case Management
Build custom workflows or customise your own.

Student case

Icon Attendance Anytime
See student attendance register in real-time.

Capture student

Icon Master Schedules
Automate appointment bookings as part of a workflow or reach out on a case by case basis.

Book student

Professional Accreditation Diagram

Keep track of the student journey

Capture all student related activity from across your campus and store it in one activity dashboard. Create a virtual audit trail of student interaction.

Real-time activity tracking

Go beyond basic student data and view every interaction the student has had with their learning. Understand how the student is developing and measure productivity.

Student Activity Trail - Dashboards

Add Attachments

Eliminate paper trails left in multiple locations. Add attachments related to each student’s engagement and development to their individual profile.

Dashboards by role

SEAtS dashboards can be used by all departments at your institution. From students to institutional leadership, find the right dashboard to suit you.

Track Academic Progression

Students get at a glance updates on their attendance, engagement, and progression from one easy to understand student facing dashboard.

Dashboards - student engagement analytics

Delve Into Data

Students can drill down from the student facing dashboard down to each interaction for a better understanding of where they are doing well and where they need to improve.

Real-Time Register

Staff get at a glance updates on student attendance, engagement, and progression from one easy to understand faculty dashboard.

Dashboards - class attendance register

Contact Absent Students

Staff can drill down from the dashboard metrics to each interaction for a better understanding of where student’s are doing well and where they need to improve.

Manage Student Cases

Easily monitor student wellbeing throughout their academic journey. Automate students through pre-determined stages for efficient case management.

Monitor Student Success

Personal tutors can view average engagement and progression metrics for their students. Click through to examine individual student data and analytics.

Dashboards by function

Carry out multiple tasks from one platform. Customise your dashboards to mirror life on your campus. Save custom views. Change the language and visible fields.

Attend - Student attendance management dashboard

Student Attendance Dashboard

Easily track student attendance from one dashboard. Get class averages and drill down from class to student to see each interaction. Contact students with low attendance directly from the dashboard. Bulk edit student records.

Engagement Dashboard

Get a complete picture of student engagement at your institution. Whether in-person or online, pull siloed student data from over 50 student touch points across your campus and collate it in one place, transforming it into actionable engagement analytics. Each student is given an AI generated engagement score relative to their cohort that provides users with at a glance updates on their wellbeing and progression.

student engagement - blended learning solution
contact students directly - financial aid compliance solution

Case Management Dashboard

Manage student cases from one dashboard. Filter students by engagement score for a targeted list for student outreach. Automatically or manually escalate students through stages. Bulk contact students via email using pre-built templates. If they have reached a near critical stage, book face-to-face and online appointments to get them back on track.

Scheduling Dashboard

Teaching events that have been created in or imported into SEAtS Schedule are displayed on the scheduling dashboard. Easily distinguish between in-person and online attendees. Create new one-off or recurring blended learning classes. Make ad-hoc changes and send updates to students and faculty. Bulk sync events to Microsoft Teams calendars.

schedule blended learning classes with sync to Microsoft Teams and room capacity management
space utilisation dashboard - advanced filters

Space Utilisation Dashboard

Easily find out how you are currently using space. Our live space utilisation dashboard updates every hour with accurate student attendance data providing users with metrics like seating efficiency, occupancy, and utilisation. Inform estate planning, timetabling, and sustainability strategies.

Compliance Dashboard

Track metrics for visa, financial aid, stakeholder, and performance based course compliance from one academic compliance dashboard.  Get at a glance updates on students’ compliance and send bulk communications directly from the system.

UKVI compliance workflow - academic compliance solution

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