SEAtS partners are central to our corporate strategy.

XpertLearning was founded in 2003 and is a privately held consultancy company focused on providing learning, talent and performance solutions to corporate, academic and government sectors. They are an award winning, regional consultancy who focuses their business philosophy around human capital and developing people.

We are thrilled with this long term partnership and share the common goal of developing the workforce to meet the challenges of a constantly changing HE sector. More…

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SEAtS partners are central to our corporate strategy, to our client
service business and to the way we deliver value to our customers.

Our aim is to forge close, productive, mutually beneficial, customer focused strategic relationships with select consulting and software providers in order to further enhance our position as a leader in the student success software market.

Why Become a SEAtS Partner?
  • Lead referrals
  • Exposure to new technologies
  • Heightened brand awareness
  • Accelerated customer acquisition
  • Joint marketing initiatives
  • Increased product and service revenue