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What drives us

Our mission is to empower our customers to help their students and learners to achieve to their true potential and best possible student experience on a safe and sustainable campus environment that embraces and supports diversity.

To empower education providers with data-driven insights and technology that enhance student experiences, outcomes, and wellbeing, ensures better regulatory and stakeholder compliance, while optimizing campus efficiency and sustainability.

Managing learning success with engagement metrics

Our Journey…


Student Attendance for Academic Compliance

SEAtS Software began its journey helping a single institution complete a single task; track student attendance using card readers. From there, we developed workflows based off of student attendance. This allowed us to automate report generation and meet requirements for UKVI compliance and attendance based courses. This solution would save countless hours of student administration time in UK institutions.


The Move to Student Engagement Analytics

We quickly realised that attendance, while remaining a key factor of student success, only tells part of the story. This made us turn our attention to student engagement, with attendance being a contributing factor to a student’s overall engagement. We began partnering with pillars in the EdTech community to provide our customers with integrations that simplifies onboarding and daily tasks.


Building Better Academic Timetables for Blended Learning

We, like every other organisation, had to adapt to the changes brought on by the global pandemic. This included our product offering. We needed to focus on online learning; how to help our customers facilitate it, while maintaining visibility over student engagement and progression. This led to us developing our academic timetabling solution for blended learning that can sync online events to student and staff Microsoft Teams calendars.


Making the Move Back to In-Person Learning

As institutions around the world began to prepare for a return to in-person teaching, we began working on a solution with our partner, Juniper-Mist, that would help smooth this transition. Pairing our mobile app, attendance tracking, and early alert system with location services, allowed us to send real-time overcrowding warnings to students, faculty, and staff; easily maintaining social distancing guidelines.

Our culture and values



We strive for excellence in everything we do, from our products and services to our customer support and user satisfaction.


We embrace innovation and creativity; these are the driving forces for our company. We constantly seek new ways to improve our solutions and meet the evolving needs of our customers.


We value collaboration and teamwork as the keys to our success. We foster a culture of trust, respect and diversity among our employees, partners, and customers.


We measure our impact by the positive outcomes we create for our customers staff and students and society. We are committed to making a difference in education and beyond.
Noel Dooley CEO SEAtS Software

Here at SEAtS, we know from our customers just how hard it is for educational institutions to strike a balance between better outcomes and experiences for every student, running a safe, efficient, and sustainable campus, and complying with all legal and stakeholder requirements.

That’s why we created our suite of innovative evidence-driven solutions that address key challenges and deliver real results.

Noel DooleyCEO, SEAtS Software


SEAtS build market leading campus and learning analytics software for mobile and app users. We help educators use student and campus data insights to…

Optimise campus efficiency and sustainability

Enhance student experiences and wellbeing

Ensure regulatory and stakeholder compliance

One platform for student lifecycle management

Schedule - Hybrid Academic Timetabling logo big


Hybrid Academic Timetabling

A hybrid academic timetabling solution designed for in-person, online, and off-campus student scheduling. Plug into your existing system to update timetables with online class links.

Attend - Student Attendance Management logo big


Student Attendance Management

A student attendance management solution for capturing and reporting on student attendance in hybrid learning. Use live space utilisation data to inform scheduling and estate planning.

Engage - Student Engagement Analytics logo big


Student Engagement Analytics

A predictive learning analytics solution for improving teaching delivery and boosting student outcomes. Maintain visibility of student engagement online and off-campus.

Retain - Student Case Management logo big


Student Case Management

A student case management solution for monitoring progression, supporting wellbeing and facilitating interventions. Track specific cohorts using Tags for first peoples, mentors, at-risk, etc.

Alert - Early Warning System logo big


Early Warning System

An early warning system that saves administration time, supports student success teams, and improves student outcomes. Build workflows that save users time and do the heavy lifting.

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