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Utilize Every Corner of Your Campus

Stop Energy Waste | Build Better Timetables | Meet Sustainability Targets

Use live dashboard data to review and build efficient, sustainable timetables and right-size room allocation every time. Cut energy bills and carbon footprint by adjusting heating and lighting according to hourly space use. Eliminate manual room checks and audits.

Space Utilisation

Features for Space Utilization

Icon Alert Reminder
Automatically push notifications to student faculty when students are at risk of dropping out.

Real-time retention

Icon Tag
Use custom tags to filter and track specific cohorts of students.

Easily group related

Icon Live Dashboards
Pull student engagement data into one place. Track progression at school, course, and individual level.

Live retention

Icon Case Management
Build custom workflows or customise your own.

Student case

Icon Attendance Anytime
See student attendance register in real-time.

Capture student

Icon Master Schedules
Automate appointment bookings as part of a workflow or reach out on a case by case basis.

Book student

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Actionable Space Utilization Dashboards, Reports, and Early Alerts

Feed student and faculty location data into one place. Mirror footfall on campus in an easy to understand space utilisation dashboard with live metrics.

Team of young student administrators working together to examine trends in student engagement and classroom space utilisation
Wherever learning happens, choose from a variety of attendance capture solutions to provide proof of presence and campus footfall.
Surface wasted light and heat energy in underutilised rooms.
Give timetable managers accurate data insights to inform their scheduling.
Easily see in-person and virtual student attendance peercentages for accurate space utilisation reports.
Alert to and eliminate wasted light and heat energy in underutilised rooms.
Provide campus staff with phantom bookings reports, cancellations, moves, and merges pattern insights.
Make Data-Driven Decisions View occupancy and utilisation metrics by campus, building, and room.
Drill down to pinpoint areas where the efficiency of academic timetables could be improved.
Inform estate planning for room functionality changes with utilisation metrics that highlight wasted space.

The Benefits of Space Utilization

Optimised space management improves learning and work experiences for students, faculty, and staff.

space filtering - space utilisation solution

Give timetabling staff more data to work from

Let your scheduling staff measure the effect of blended learning on their timetables. Reduce wasted space by moving blended learning class from lecture halls to smaller classrooms with online attendance options.

Help estate management staff make decisions

Estates staff can optimise existing space using real-time footfall data. Easily identify overused and underutilised space and make data-driven changes to your campus.

Exceed your campus sustainability targets

By optimising timetables based off actual footfall data, you can easily surface times to reduce your light and heat output in wasted space.

GUIDE Space Utilisation
Check out our Guide to:

Space Utilisation

Space utilisation in universities is a critical issue as they face limited resources, changing learning environments and ecological footprint. How can they maximise the potential of their existing space?

SEAtS Software space utilisation solution leverages advanced technologies and metrics to identify underutilised areas, streamline operations, and enhance the overall learning experience.

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