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Unlock the Value of Your Smart Campus Network Investment

Transform your campus network into a Smart Campus with AI-powered data analytics and easy installation from SEAtS and our technology partners. With location services, you can enhance campus safety, efficiency, and sustainability. Drive sustainability, efficiency and student experience insights to deliver better and a better experience. Leverage actionable insights for strategic planning. Make your campus network smarter today!

students on campus - smartcampus solution

Reduce Energy Costs

Drive down energy costs with more efficient sustainable timetabling informed by actual usage patterns and footfall.

Identify slack and phantom bookings in current timetables. Eliminate energy sinks in current usage.

Better strategic estate planning decisions with accurate data insights.

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Student Experience

Use smart campus data to boost student success. See how on campus and in-person learning affect each other.

Collect data from campus systems and show it in simple dashboards for staff, faculty, and advisors. Make better decisions based on data.

Find and help students who are at risk of dropping out. Quickly spot disengaged students and reach out to them urgently.

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Use real-time space utilisation dashboards to easily identify areas where campus sustainability can be improved.

Repurpose existing underutilised space, rooms, buildings, etc.

Find out when each space is in use so your estate management teams can optimise their heat and lighting output.

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How a Smart Campus works

Feed real-time location data into SEAtS education success platform. Capture accurate proof of presence and avoid personation at exams.
Get a complete picture of campus activity. Send overcrowding and safety alerts direct to student and staff smartphones. Inform scheduling and sustainability processes. Patented Virtual BLE (vBLE) Bluetooth Array enables high value location-based services, such as; student engagement and attendance capture, space and campus utilization analytics, and asset location services.

University IT administrator and campus planner creating matrix of virtual Bluetooth beacons and space utilisation metrics
Replace the need for physical beacons. Power-up your campus network with virtual BLE technology.
Map virtual beacons to the exact teaching space configuration needed.
Enable accurate location services to 1 metre.
When a student enters within range of the virtual beacon for their scheduled class, they can check-in to class on the SEAtS mobile app.
Real-time footfall data provides you with the most accurate room audits possible. Easily identify underutilised or wasted space.
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