5 Most Popular Student Attendance Solutions

Technological advances have brought with it a wide variety of hardware options on the market for student attendance monitoring.

Let’s take a look at the 5 most popular options:


iBeacons with Mobile App

The combination of iBeacons and a student mobile app allows students to record their own attendance, producing accurate proof of presence. By tapping-in on the SEAtS mobile app, the app confirms attendance by linking to the iBeacon in the room. Unlike other attendance solutions, iBeacon technology is both affordable and feature rich.

    Easy to install. Each iBeacon has a battery life of 3 years, so the iBeacons can be positioned anywhere in a lecture hall without any wiring.
    Data Accuracy. Each iBeacon is optimised to locate only students who are in the room which avoids fraudulent recordings. Unlike alternative options, the iBeacon can guarantee student attendance by using Bluetooth technology to connect the iBeacon with a student’s mobile app.
    Affordability. iBeacons are around €50 each which makes them an extremely affordable option.
    Easy to use. Once a student confirms attendance, the data is sent to the cloud which is easily accessible via a dashboard where faculty can generate reports and use workflows to receive alerts for any student who does not meet a predetermined attendance requirement like 75% attendance.
    Productivity – The efficiency of student app attendance recording increases teaching time immediately, whilst also removing administration time.
    Lack of full automation. Students need to record their own attendance by opening the SEAtS app and tapping-in. However, a future update will make it possible to record attendance without a need to manually open the app.


Student Card Readers

Student attendance recording has been dominated by smart card readers over the last 20 years. While expensive to install, card readers allow for students to swipe as they enter a lecture hall, while also doubling as a student ID card. It should be noted that many software companies plug into existing card readers, allowing institutions to take advantage of much-improved software without having to reinvest in new hardware.

    Productivity – With zero input from lecturers, class teaching time increases significantly. Negative effects on teaching time are also reduced with Late arrivals who can scan, with no interaction with the lecturer.
    Ease of use – The responsive nature of a beep after a student scans makes the card reader solution a very simple option.
    3rd party uses – Student ID cards can also be used to access other resources on campus like printers, and library access.
    Data Accuracy – Left unmonitored, ghost attendance can occur whereby a student scans multiple cards at a time.
    Affordability – Costs range from €200 up to €1500 depending on features including NFC, and Fingerprint scanning.
    Installation – Card Readers need to be physically wired to the network, which in turn can be unstable if and when there is a network issue.
    Queueing – While card readers have the capability to accept 60 scans a minute, in practice more than one card reader would be needed to avoid queuing which ties into affordability.


Mobile Only – GPS

GPS is a novel way of recording proof of presence by using GPS to confirm location but suffers from accuracy issues. GPS is accurate to between 5m and 20m outdoors, going up to 40m indoors.  When taking into account classrooms on multiple floors, accuracy is further reduced. However, if you are only looking for a solution which confirms attendance on campus, rather than a specific room then this is a viable option.

    Automation – Once a student’s phone is connected via GPS, attendance is recorded with no direct interaction needed by the student.
    Productivity – With zero input from lecturers, class teaching time increases significantly.
    Affordability – GPS relies on satellites in space to send signals to smartphones, 99% of which have GPS capability. Therefore there is zero hardware required.
    Data Accuracy – GPS does not work well indoors, so the resulting location is typically not accurate enough to be useful. This allows for a student to only be in a building where the classroom is to record attendance, making this a non-runner for accurate proof of presence.
    GPS Switched On – If a student forgets to toggle on their phone’s GPS, their attendance will not be recorded. This means that the advantage of automated attendance recording can also be a disadvantage with inattentive students.


Mobile Only – WiFi

WiFi attendance is a unique concept for Institutions looking for a student attendance system.. If proof of presence and affordability are important factors when choosing a student attendance solution, then this may not be for you. Wi-Fi location-tracking works by measuring the signal strength between routers to triangulate location. The level of accuracy depends on the number of router tags in each classroom. Depending on the method deployed, accuracy can vary between 5m and 30m. Due to fluctuation in network strength, attendance data can vary wildly. Add in network maintenance which can severely impact attendance data and you have a system that brings with it as many problems as solutions.

    Automation – Once a student’s phone is connected to a router, attendance is recorded with no direct interaction needed by the student
    Productivity – With zero input from lecturers, class teaching time increases significantly.
    Data Accuracy – Signal strength can vary depending on how many routers are in each room. Even with several routers, the signal can fluctuate which means that configuring each router needs to go beyond the classroom to guarantee a connection. Therefore, it is possible for a student to stand outside the room to record attendance making this a non-runner for accurate proof of presence.
    Affordability – The number of routers dictates the level of accuracy. Routers can range in price from €120 to €300 depending on features.  With a minimum of 2 or 3 routers recommended for each class, the cost can rival Card Readers.
    WiFi Switched On – If a student forgets to switch on their phone’s WiFi, their attendance will not be recorded. This means that the advantage of automated attendance recording can also be a disadvantage with inattentive students.
    Network Maintenance – Maintaining a campus network is challenging at the best of times. If the network goes down, attendance will not be recorded.


Mobile Only – QR Code

QR Code stands for “Quick Response” code and is mobile phone readable. A QR code is generated before each class, and students use an app to scan the code to confirm proof of presence as they enter the room. In theory, this is an excellent idea. However, in practice, it is the most rigged solution simply because the QR code can be photographed, and shared to students who are not in the classroom. There is potential to use this solution in tandem with a second system which would increase accuracy but also cost.

    Affordability – No hardware is required.
    Easy to use – Students open their app and scan the QR code which records attendance
    Data Accuracy – The QR code can be easily copied and shared making it a poor option for accurate proof of presence.
    Manual Input – The lecturer must generate the code and either present the code on a screen or email the student the code. This can take anywhere between 5 and 10mins. Students who are late will need to request the code which will also affect teaching time.

5 Examples of how iBeacons are changing the world

5 Amazing iBeacon Facts

iBeacons have revolutionized mobile communication by linking the physical world with the digital world in real-time. 

Here are my top 5 amazing examples of how iBeacons are changing the world.


Underground navigation

Have you ever used Google Maps or Waze to direct you to your location using GPS, and you lose signal underground? What do you do? 

Earlier this month, Waze, SpotHero and the Chicago Department of Transportation teamed up to install 450 iBeacons along 5 miles of underground roadways in downtown Chicago. The system is allowing drivers who use the Waze app to find their way in an area where GPS signals generally go dark.

The benefits of seamless navigation can now be enjoyed underground.


Wrigley Stadium

While the number of iBeacons installed at Wrigley stadium remains a closely guarded secret, their use is not. Zac Brown’s Warrior’s To Summit show used iBeacons to encourage fans who opened the bands mobile app to pledge support for veterans and transitioning service members.This is an example of how technology can be used in the music industry to improve the fan experience while driving awareness for a great cause.


Niemann Foods

Retail provides a great opportunity for iBeacons to add value to the consumer experience. Niemann Foods has embraced the new technology,  introducing them to all 45 stores in Illinois. By downloading their My County Market App, customers can receive personalised offers, aisle location options and the ability to create an in-app shopping list. The app has been downloaded thousands of times, proving that consumers are ready to adapt to new technologies. A new addition includes a loyalty card scheme, removing the frustration of forgetting your card for much needed loyalty points.


Chicago Lighthouse

IBeacon technology is giving those who are blind and visually impaired more freedom and Chicago’s Lighthouse was one of the first facilities to test it out. Beacons placed throughout the lighthouse are paired with an app. Users who are unsure of their surroundings need only touch the top right corner of the screen, and a notification will describe their surroundings including signs, and doors, as well as directions to the nearest rooms.


SEAtS Software

Student Retention is a major issue in Higher Education, with dropout rates rising each year. Student Attendance is the primary indicator as to whether a student will progress or not, and SEAtS Software uses iBeacons to make it easier to track attendance. 

iBeacons easily attach to any wall or ceiling, with battery life lasting 3 years so no need for any wiring. Simply attach and go. Students turn up to class, open the SEAtS App, tap record, and that is it. The data is then sent to an early alert system along with hundreds of other data points like grades, library visits and extracurricular activity to measure student progress. If a student is falling behind, an alert is sent to both the student and faculty. If a student does not respond positively to initial requests, faculty will then be instructed to intervene. With thousands of students to track each year, SEAtS makes it easier to keep track of students and drive student success.

Learn More – https://www.seatssoftware.com/attendance-tracking/

10 Reasons why you need to be using SEAtS Software

Ten Reasons why you need to be using SEAtS Software

1. Student Retention increases on average 12% in one year
Retaining more students is about finding those who are struggling and facilitating a journey towards Student Success. Better student retention results in increased revenue, reputation and rankings.

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St. Mary’s University Twickenham partners with SEAtS for a smarter campus

St Mary’s University Twickenham, one of London’s top Universities for student experience, announced today that it has partnered with SEAtS Software to deliver powerful student engagement and data science software for 4,600 full-time and part-time students

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Why is recording student attendance important?

Research Literature

First and foremost, the scholarly articles that have reported on the relationship between student attendance and ‘performance’ (grades, completion, etc) highlight the fact that there is a very clear correlation between student success and student attendance.

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Our development team have been hard at work building amazing features just in time for the New Year.

Whether you’re an existing SEAtS user or you want to find out more about the No.1 Student Success Platform, we’ve got a collection of exciting updates to share.

You will find something to help you at each stage of the student journey, with features including productivity boosters, tools for managing cases and much more.
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Are students afraid to ask for help?

The first semester can be overwhelming for students; managing workload, making new friends, homesickness, social anxiety, academic stress, meeting deadlines. While graduates look back at the challenges of the first semester with a great sense of pride and achievement, it is difficult to appreciate the lessons at the time. Many students struggle with the transition to higher education, so it is incumbent on the institution to provide services that help students along the way.

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Student Success – A win:win for students and faculty in Higher Education

Higher education institutions (HEI’s) in the 21st century face many and varied challenges. The reporting demands alone are daunting and seem unending. Add to this a complex regulatory framework and ever increasing ‘accountability’ and you begin to get some idea of the challenging environment of global higher education.

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How Predictive Analytics is changing Higher Education

Predictive analytics in higher education

Institutions are turning to Predictive Analytics to increase their bottom line and competitive advantage. In order for educational institutions to differentiate themselves and remain competitive, institutions must identify and understand the needs of their students. Traditional surveys are retrospective and only offer an insight after the fact. Real-time data like attendance and grades provide current and future insights.

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What is Predictive Analytics?

What is predictive analytics?

As the name suggests, Predictive Analytics makes predictions about unknown future events. Data mining, statistics, modelling, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence can all play a role in analysing old and new data to make future predictions.

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SEAtS Software is top of the class for Attendance Monitoring

SEAtS Software is the most popular commercial Attendance Monitoring System in UK universities.

Corporate Information Systems Group (CISG) recently published their annual report of all UCISA member institutions. The results confirm that SEAtS Software is twice as popular as its nearest commercial competitor.

SEAtS wants to reverse a worrying trend in colleges which has seen student retention rates decrease for the 4th year running.

A key indicator of student progress is attendance. SEAtS provides the hardware and software to record accurate attendance. Attendance data combined with dozens of other data points offer a complete digital progress report of each student. Workflows allow faculty administrators to automate contact with the student and escalate at-risk students for data-driven case management.

Early intervention increases student retention, and reduces the financial and reputational loss for both the university and the student.

EdTech has seen an explosion in popularity in Higher Education over the last decade, and SEAtS Software is leading the way.

Unitec Institute of Technology goes live with SEAtS in only 46 days

Unitec Institute of Technology, New Zealand is now live with SEAtS Student Success Platform after only 46 days implementation.

Unitec will use SEAtS to deliver the best possible student experience and outcomes, while supporting Unitec’s Student Retention, Engagement, and Compliance Programs.

Since going live, the SEAtS system has delivered the following key benefits:

  • Attendance tracking of 20,000 FTE students and over 60,000 students in total
  • Simple student check-in using SEAtS mobile app and Student ID Card readers
  • Integrated Data streams from both Peoplesoft SIS and Timetable systems.

SEAtS is student success, student attendance and learning analytics software in the cloud, on mobile, and built to work from day one. Learn more about all of our solutions here.

If you would like any further information on how you can put SEAtS to work at your institution, just drop us a mail or call us on the number below.

APP UPDATE: 10,000 v2 downloads in one week

v2 App Stats

10,349 students used SEAtS v2 mobile app in the first week of availability on the iOS and Android App Stores.

Students experienced 145,000 interactions with the new app in the first week.

The average interaction time was 27 seconds

70% of devices were iPhones

Students in the United Kingdom, United States, New Zealand and Ireland are using the new app.

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List of Tier 4 Sponsorship responsibilities, and how SEAtS can help

Maintaining a Tier 4 sponsor Licence is a priority for all Higher Education Institutions.

According to PWC’s 2018 report on Managing Risk in Higher Education, UKVI compliance is top of all HEI risk registers.

SEAtS have worked with several HEI’s to create a reliable solution that removes Tier 4 licensing from their risk register.

Below are a list of Tier 4 Sponsor responsibilities that SEAtS Software helps resolve:

  • To take and keep copies of students’ passports, immigration status documents, visas or Biometric Residence Permits.
  • To keep an up to date record of students’ contact details.
  • To hold a copy of a student’s Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS) clearance certificate where required by the student’s programme of study or research.
  • To check that students have registered as required and to report those students who fail to register on time to UKVI.
  • To monitor each student’s attendance and to report any discontinuation of studies or unauthorised absence to UKVI.
  • To report deferrals, suspensions, withdrawals and terminations of study to UKVI.
  • To notify UKVI of any significant changes in your circumstances, e.g. a change to your immigration status such that you are no longer sponsored under Tier 4, a change of programme at the University, early completion of your studies.
  • To notify UKVI of any information which suggests a sponsored student is breaching the conditions of his/her immigration permission.

SEAtS is the world’s most effective student success platform in Higher Education. International students contribute enormously and SEAtS prioritises UKVI for HEI and Student Success.

Learn more about how SEAtS delivers in UKVI, Student Attendance, Predictive Analytics, Early Alert Systems and Case Management.

SEAtS Software awarded place on G-Cloud 10

I am delighted to announce that SEAtS Software has again been awarded a place on the G-Cloud procurement framework, now in its 10th iteration.

G-Cloud is a government initiative which aims to make it easier for government bodies to buy cloud-based services, acting as a government-sanctioned marketplace. SEAtS was chosen as it met stringent standards of high quality, credibility and experience.

The primary goal of G-Cloud is to provide public sector organisations the opportunity to buy cloud services without needing to run a full tender or competition procurement process.

G-Cloud 10 is important for small and medium sized enterprises like SEAtS as it asks suppliers what they can offer rather than how they can meet a brief which encourages innovation.

Since 2012, more than £3 billion of cloud and digital services have been procured by public bodies through G-Cloud, with 48% of that spend going directly to SMEs.

Higher Education Institutions are subject to public standards of accountability. Basic procurement regulations ensure that money is spent in a way that is fair, open and good value for money. The tendering process can lead to a “race to the bottom” where price is put before quality; leading to inefficiencies and failed ICT implementation because the winning bid is simply unable to deliver on the cheapest price. The commonly used lowest price tendering approach can seriously damage software implementation, and damage reputation.

SEAtS Software are delighted to be a part of a government initiative that aims to improve public procurement efficiency, and cost management.

Visit SEAtS Software on the digital marketplace by clicking the link below and find out how we do business.

Download SEAtS new App Today!

I am delighted to announce that SEAtS new student mobile app for iOS and Android is available for download for even more efficient Student Attendance recording.

As you may know, SEAtS have been working on new architecture for the SEAtS Mobile iOS and Android Apps. We are now using the Microsoft Mobile Development Stack. This will give us the capacity to add new features faster in the future. We have got some exciting new features to share with you in this release. We will be adding many more exciting new features in the coming months. The SEAtS Product Marketing team will keep you updated on these new features via email.

You Ask, We Deliver
The feedback from customers was that many students struggled with the mobile code SMS, and an easier student on-boarding experience was needed. The SEAtS App now integrates with your Azure AD / ADFS security. The student will install the app and enter their university email credentials. It will then authenticate with the University Active Directory. SEAtS will continue to support text message sign-up for now. The student will then be able to access the SEAtS App and check in to class, view their attendance history and upcoming events.

NEW App Screens

City, University of London Partners with SEAtS

We look forward to partnering with SEAtS on this major strategic project. SEAtS will deliver the real-time attendance data that will help our teaching and administrative staff ensure that all our students have the best possible experience and outcomes through enhanced support.

Cat Edera, Project Sponsor, City, University of London

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SEAtS Kick-Off at Western Iowa State

SEAtS Software is thrilled to showcase our recent visit to Western Iowa Tech Community College where students and faculty participated in a Proof of Concept Implementation.

The purpose of the visit was to bring the test system live with our iBeacon technology and smartphone app with students in several classes.

About SEAtS iBEacon and Mobile App Technology

  • Monitor student attendance electronically with our smartphone app and Bluetooth iBeacons.
  • SEAtS iBeacons transmit via Bluetooth their own unique ID number throughout your classroom/lecture hall.
  • Students check into class and record their attendance via our smartphone app.
  • Cost-effective way to capture attendance information.
  • Powered by batteries with a five-year lifespan.
  • iBeacons communicate directly with mobile devices and do not require any wiring.

Mobile App Features and Benefits

  • Native IOS and Android Apps
  • Check into class/placement with Bluetooth
  • Latest Student Schedules
  • Immediate Smartphone notifications of class cancellations & movements
  • Students can see their overall attendance at a section level
  • Faculty are relieved from having to record attendance giving more teaching time

Since our Iowa Tech visit, we have received wonderful feedback from lecturers and students in regards to attendance tracking via the App and Bluetooth iBeacons. Speaking about the visit Oliver Castle, SEAtS Operations Manager said:

The feedback is we have built a frictionless, easy to install, use and run solution to attendance tracking via mobile & going forward. It is only going to get better.

Why not check out our official press release here…

Kickstart Your Academic Year With SEAtS Solutions

SEAtS, The Student Success Software Platform on the Cloud!

We are on a mission to help your institution deliver better retention, outcomes, and student experience by collecting and analysing activity data from every corner of your campus.

Our Solutions include:

Student Attendance
Early Warning System
Machine Learning Analytics
Space Utilisation
Case Management
Visa & Immigration Compliance

SEAtS is software on the cloud, built to work from day one. It just needs your data and it will give you the insights into teaching, learning, students retention and success. Learn more about all of our solutions by following the link below…

Manage your Students Path to Success today!

Manage your Students Path to Student Success today with SEAtS Student Case Management Solutions.

SEAtS Case Management Solutions:

Within any institution, there is a myriad of support services designed to help students overcome challenges and attain their goals. Research shows that students perform best when they spend time with the people on campus who can help them – typically being advisors, counselors, tutors, and lecturers. Unfortunately, engaging students with these services is often easier said than done.

SEAtS Case Management module of our solution facilitates meaningful contact between students and their lecturers, instructors or tutors. The module encourages students to engage more deeply in their academic lives by connecting them to the people and resources best equipped to help them succeed.
SEAtS Case Management gives lecturers a rich picture of a student’s engagement, attendance and success course at any given stage, allowing them to intervene when necessary ensuring that they stay on track with achieving their goals. SEAtS allow everyone (with a need to know) to see where that student is along that path. These case management tools focus limit institutional resources on what needs to be done next to student success.

SEAtS put everything related to each student’s success in one place for advisors. At a glance an advisor can:

– Review case workload
– Send bulk emails, letters or text messages using templates
– Create manual case interventions
– Book appointments with students
– Review student intervention history
– Review activity & attendance history

What it means for your campus

Our system puts everything advisors need to handle student success in the one place reducing advisor administrative workload with workflows and escalations.

GDPR – SEAtS are Ready


25 May 2018 marks the start of enforcement of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation. This new piece of legislation has had a great impact on anyone whose business involves handling personal data about EU residents or within the EU. Naturally, personal data is at the core of working in sales, so SEAtS and our users have also been busy to make sure that we are compliant.

This article provides an overview of the data-related roles and responsibilities when you’ve chosen SEAtS as your CRM platform and will explain SEAtS efforts to live up to the values and requirements of the GDPR.
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Attendance Tracking with SEAtS

Attendance Tracking – Help your Students stay on track today!

Lecturers spend hours preparing for classes, creating informative lectures and planning engaging activities. Most go above and beyond in the hopes that their students will achieve a deeper understanding of the material that will help them grow as a student and ultimately as a graduate.

Of course, all this work is meaningless if a student does not attend class…

From Student ID Card Readers to Bluetooth iBeacons and Mobile Apps – we can design the solution to meet your specific needs.

SEAtS Attendance Tracking Solution:

  • Allows students check into class with any smartphone (they must be in the room)
  • Frees instructors from the task of taking attendance & gives them more teaching time
  • Captures all attendance records
  • Records available to advisers & others with a need to know
  • Is inexpensive to install and operate

SEAtS Attendance Tracking solution deploys fast and integrates with existing campus systems. Wiring and installation costs are minimized with our Bluetooth iBeacon and mobile application options. Our instant on-cloud platforms mean that reports, alerts, and dashboards work as soon as you switch on SEAtS.

Check out our Attendance Tracking Demo Video!

Learning Analytics Video Demo

Learning Analytics – get the most out of your data today!

Get Learning Analytics running on your campus today, on the cloud with SEAtS. Feed our software to your data and get SEAtS working on your team – for your team!

Every time a student interacts with their institution – be that going to the library, logging into their virtual learning environment or submitting assessments online – they leave behind a digital footprint. Learning Analytics is the process of using this data to improve learning and teaching.

Learning analytics refers to the measurement, collection, analysis, and reporting of data about the progress of learners and the contexts in which learning takes place. Using the increased availability of big datasets around learner activity and digital footprints left by student activity in learning environments, learning analytics take us further than data currently available can.

Find out:

  • Who is at risk of dropping out
  • Who is underachieving
  • Who is continually missing
  • Who needs your help

SEAtS is the cloud and built to work from day one. It just needs your data and it will give you the insights into teaching, learning, student retention and success.

Check out our short video demo of Learning Analytics now:

SEAtS Announces Availability on G-Cloud 9

SEAtS Software Announces Availability on G-Cloud 9

SEAtS are proud and delighted to announce its continued presence on the upgraded G-Cloud 9 Framework. The latest round, G-Cloud 9, is part of the UK Government’s Digital Marketplace where public sector organisations can access suppliers and procure products without the need for a lengthy tender process.

Buying services through frameworks are faster and cheaper than entering into individual procurement contracts. Buyers and suppliers still need to sign a contract (or “call-off contract”) for each service bought through a framework.

The G-Cloud Framework is an agreement between the Government and suppliers who provide cloud-based services and the SEAtS Student Success Platform and host of cloud-based solutions can be found within the Software as a Service (SaaS) category.

We have a number of clients who have signed up for SEAtS solutions via G-Cloud since 2013. The process is more efficient and direct, cutting out a lot of red tape!

Noel Dooley, CEO, SEAtS

SEAtS Software provides an innovative platform for student, academics, and staff in order to focus efforts on achieving better student engagement, retention and overall experience, leading to improved academic achievement and outcomes. SEAtS analytical software monitors student engagement on your campus. It works by making sense of the volume of data that are collected across your campus at every possible student touch-point in real time. We look for early warning signals in your data that alert you to the need for proactive pastoral intervention. Effectively, prompting action and stopping student failure and attrition and re-focusing efforts towards positive outcomes.

What to learn more? That’s okay why not schedule an online meeting with one of our student success experts today? Simply click below:

Ravensbourne Deploys SEAtS

Ravensbourne Goes Live with SEAtS

“What made SEAtS so appealing was its ready-made, automated approach to student success. The idea of something that is easy for staff and students to use and doesn’t take up too much time, it is so easy for students to just tap in on a reader at the start of class than a member of staff having to call out a register. This gives more time for teaching and hopefully has a positive impact on the student experience.”

Adam Campbell, Quality Officer Ravensbourne

The Challenges

Ravensbourne is constantly looking for ways to innovate and enhance the student experiences and outcomes. Ravensbourne identified the need to find a suitable attendance monitoring solution to aid this. Having used various manual attendance monitoring systems in the past that were inconsistent and inaccurate in recording data, a change was needed.

The Vendor Selection Process

Adam and the team at Ravensbourne wanted a solution that could deploy fast, evolve and grow with the business; this eliminated many vendors when combined the need for a solution that would be easy to use and understand. That way Students and  Academic Staff would find it easy to use. The Crown Commercial Service’s G-Cloud procurement framework helped the decision-making process by identifying quickly a short-list of likely vendors. Ravensbourne selected SEAtS as it had the features and track record to handle deploying fast and with ease of transition.

The Implementation Process

Post vendor selection, Adam and the team at Ravensbourne faced the challenge of managing time, scope and the implementation of a new timetabling system. SEAtS and Ravensbourne personnel worked as a unified project team to map out and deliver key project milestones. SEAtS online project methodology and the portal was used to make sure deadlines and dates stayed on track.


Student attendance monitoring was of valuable importance for the Ravensbourne team, they wanted a top shelf ready to use system to capture their attendance levels. They also wished to utilise early warning alerts automatically sent out to those students who are at-risk or failing. The solution needed to:

  • Improve achievement by increasing student attendance
  • Improve retention by strengthening engagement through improved pastoral care, reducing the risk of students leaving their courses
  • Reduce administrative overhead of recording, monitoring and following up on attendance, with minimum disruption to the student and lecture in the classroom
  • Support compliance for monitoring student attendance for UKVI for International students in a seamless and integrated way for all students
  • Provide a better picture of room utilisation for timetable optimisation for the facilities and scheduling teams, and for senior management to enable strategic investment planning.


Ravensbourne has officially gone live in January 2018. Speaking about this Adam Campbell said:

As someone who is not directly involved in teaching, I did not have a great understanding of what was happening so inconsistently in the institution in terms of attendance monitoring. I think it has been insightful from that point of view. To see particularly our further education courses embracing it very quickly is very promising.”

The system provides a view of students who are expected in every class and then in real-time shows them swiping in and marked as “attended”. This removes the need to take local class registers. Students who are late are marked as such. Those who do not attend are shown as “absent”. Students who attend a session that they are not timetabled to attend are shown as “unexpected”. Reports are available to report on and monitor attendance by student, module, and programme. Automated alerts are sent to students who fail to attend a predetermined number of sessions.

Key Benefits for Ravensbourne:

According to the Ravensbourne team, deploying the SEAtS system has delivered the following key benefits:

  • Better academic performance due to comprehensive engagement and attendance tracking for students
  • Improved student retention due to early warning of “at-risk” students which leads to strengthening pastoral care
  • Formal compliance reporting processes for Tier 4 Visa and Immigration.

Download the official press release here…

Want to learn more about how our solutions can help your institution? Why not schedule a call with one of our SEAtS experts now?

The Compelling Case for Student Visa and Immigration Compliance

Today’s fast-changing regulatory environment demonstrates the need to invest in Visa and Immigration compliance automation solutions such as Student Retention, Engagement, and Attendance Management Systems.

International Visa Compliance is a risk for every university and college.

The High Cost of Non-Compliance
  • Remediation Costs
  • Suspension of International Licence
  • Overnight Loss of Substantial Fee Income
  • Damage to Reputation and Standings
  • Substantial Fines

SEAtS are the market leader in visa and immigration compliance solutions for educational providers.

SEAtS will:

  1. Identify at-risk international students who need support
  2. Create specifically designed reports & workflows
  3. GIve you access to a suite of data dashboards

Check out our full datasheet for a more detailed account on the compelling case for visa and immigration compliance solutions investment in global HE…

Top 5 Features for your Student Attendance Monitoring System

Proven to boost student retention and performance, many universities have come to rely on Student Attendance Monitoring and Engagement Systems.

Placing ownership for attendance in the hands of students, student attendance monitoring systems encourage a better student experience and as a result maximise student potential. Taking a proactive approach to student attendance monitoring allows universities to improve pastoral care, intervening at the first signs of disengagement. To maximise the benefits of a Student Attendance Monitoring system here are our customer top 5 features to watch out for:

  1. UKVI Compliance
  2. Reporting
  3. Student Engagement & Retention
  4. Integration
  5. Automation

SEAtS provide access to real-time student attendance data, a fully automated attendance monitoring system reduces the administrative burden on university staff, allowing universities to focus greater resources and time on pastoral care activities. For more information about how our student success solutions can help your university check out our website or contact us today.

Why not check out the full datasheet…

The Importance of Learning Analytics for Universities and Students

Every time a student interacts with their university, college or institution – be that going to the library, logging into their virtual learning environment or submitting assessments online – they leave behind a digital footprint. Learning analytics is the process of using this data to improve learning and teaching.

Learning analytics refers to the measurement, collection, analysis, and reporting of data about the progress of learners and the contexts in which learning takes place. Using the increased availability of big data sets around learner activity and digital footprints left by student activity in learning environments, learning analytics take us further than data currently available can.

To maximise the benefits of learning analytics here are our customer top 3 features to watch out for:

  1. Improving the quality of teaching
  2. Boosting Retention
  3. Enabling students to take control of their own learning

Learning analytics has the potential to transform the way we measure impact and outcomes in learning environments.

SEAtS deliver integrated learning analytics using the power of predictive analytics and machine learning. These powerful tools will help your team drive student success by identifying critical early interventions that will increase engagement, retention and achievement ratios on your campus.

Why not check out our full datasheet to learn more about our top 3 tips for Learning Analytics. Simply follow the link below 🙂

Charter Oak State College deploys SEAtS Student Success Analytics Platform

SEAtS the leading provider of student success, retention, engagement, and student analytics to higher education institutions, is thrilled to announce that the prestigious Charter Oak State College has chosen SEAtS to deploy its student success platform for its online students.

The SEAtS Solution will deliver:

  • Critical early warning alerts for underachieving and at-risk students
  • Increased retention and improved student outcomes
  • Student attendance documentation for federal financial aid reporting

Click below to read the official press release for Charter Oak State College. Alternatively, you can browse our website or call us on 401 787 4559 to chat with one of our student success experts.

TEF, UKVI, Ranking, Satisfaction, Brexit, the Perfect Storm in HE?

UK HE Leaders will not need a SWOT analysis to know that right now is their “Perfect Storm”. SEAtS can help your team navigate these complex performance, compliance and demographic challenges. SEAtS is the unique Early Warning System, powered by Learning Analytics, Attendance Data, and CRM, built just for HE.

Laser-focused on getting the best possible outcomes for your students and your institution.
SEAtS connect with all your existing student systems. SEAtS is 100% cloud software, be up and running with the basics in less than 3 months.

Real-time insights and earlier interventions mean double-digit retention increases, better outcomes and hitting targets like UKVI and TEF metrics.

SEAtS can help you with:

  • Widening Participation
  • Teaching Excellence Framework
  • Safe Guarding
  • UKVI Compliance
  • Brexit
  • Student Loans
  • Student Outcomes

Schedule a 60-minute executive briefing for your leadership team today & learn how SEAtS can help you navigate the perfect storm!

Manage your TEF Outcomes Today!

The Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) holds retention, progression, and outcomes as the cornerstone of its framework. SEAtS offer a platform to manage, monitor, and effect positive change to these key measures of institutional success.

Get in touch today and take the first steps in improving or maintaining your next TEF score through improved retention and progression.

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Save the Day-Ta with SEAtS Software!

It’s just your friendly student success superhero here to help you with:

– Monitoring student attendance
– Reducing administrative burden with no data input necessary
– Identifying at-risk students who need support

We are now the market leaders in Student Attendance, Engagement and Learning Analytics in the UK and looking to improve our offering all the time.

Recently we have replaced a number of our competitor’s offerings over difficulties utilising the data collected. What we did was give them our software and they kept their existing data collection hardware – it’s all about the software!

We are ready to work with you – are you ready to work with us?

I’m fully confident we will create immediate real value for you.

To set up a meeting please call 1 617 466 9941! 

Early Warning Alerts with SEAtS

Identify at-risk students as early as possible for effective interventions. SEAtS Software was designed to help universities identify common characteristics among students who leave the institution, determine key factors that help predict student attrition, identify at-risk students and develop effective intervention strategies.

Prevent Attrition:

Respond quickly to prevent problems before they start. Identify changes in student behavior through real-time student profiles

Increase Efficiency:

Centralise student success data and streamline processes, ensuring no students falls through the cracks.

Be Effective:

Connect a student to the right resources at the right time for your most effective campus-wide interventions.

Start Now:

Start receiving early alerts in real time within your first month.

Want to know more? We don’t you so why not connect with one of our student success experts today. Simply contact us here:

Placement & Internship Attendance Tracking Made Easy

Learn how to manage Internship Attendance Tracking with SEAtS today! Is it difficult to get good attendance records at your placement or internship sites? Relieve site managers of this unwanted task!

Schedule an online demo with one of our internship attendance tracking experts and discuss how we can help you and your students this year. Our experts will discuss:

  • How to get immediate electronic records of student arrival & departure from internship sites
  • How easy it is to implement & the low cost
  • Complete attendance records for the entire internship experience
  • Reporting available to all monitors & program staff
  • Auditable compliance proof for accreditation teams

Like what you hear? Don’t wait, schedule a quick 10-minute online demo with one of our experts today. Simply follow the link here – it’s that easy 🙂

Top Tips to Better UKVI Compliance

UKVI Compliance – How SEAtS can help your university today!

Our UKVI Compliance cloud solution for universities and colleges can help you to take a big step towards keeping UKVI and other Stakeholder Compliance Obligations permanently at the bottom of your risk register.

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Press Release: University of Hull Deploys SEAtS

SEAtS Software, the Student Success Cloud Platform for HE, announced that the University of Hull has selected SEAtS software to underpin the University’s Student Retention, Engagement and Compliance, to ensure the best possible student experience and outcomes.

SEAtS is the leading cloud platform for student success. We take a game-changing hybrid approach to Student Success. The software uses automated business process workflows to push alerts to students and staff based on statistical scores calculated from historic and real-time campus data feeds.

Why not check out the full press release here.

SEAtS Data Analytics Solution – Digital Footprints on Campus

SEAtS Data Analytics Solution – Digital Footprints on Campus

Tracking real time physical presence on campus via readers, biometrics or ibeacons has transformed student retention and UKVI compliance outcomes for our customers.

SEAtS have taken this to a new level with our Student Success Scoring Analytics model. This works by using machine learning, algorithms and statistical modeling techniques to predict and identify at-risk students to further improve successful outcomes and attainment for all students.

A wealth of data can be found all over your campus. We look for these additional touch points to track student participation in campus life. Examples of this could include University managed print services, ICT service desk inquiries/issues logged, clubs and societies and services attendance or interaction or sports center interactions.

Weightings are then attributed to each interaction to enable you to devise a student score that can trigger alerts to further identify “at risk” students who may score lower than the optimum pre-defined score.

This campus-wide picture will give you additional insight into those students who may be at risk of failing or dropping out allowing you to reach out and help them before it is too late.

Want to learn more? Why not schedule a quick online demo with one of our experts. Simply follow the link here:

SEAtS Student Success Track Sponsors at AACRAO 2017

SEAtS are proud Student Success Track Sponsors at AACRAO annual conference 2017.

Attending AACRAO 2017?

The SEAtS team are once again thrilled to be sponsoring the conference Student Success Track. The annual conferences is taking place in Minneapolis Convention Center April 2-5 and we hope to see you there!

SEAtS are hosting our Student Success Track presentation and the details are as follows:

Title: “The Importance of Student Attendance Tracking”

When: Monday, April 3rd 9:30am-10: 30 am
Where: 200H Level Two
Who: Jim Tully, VP Student Success

You can also come chat with us in the exhibition hall you will find us at booth 735!

Our student success cloud solution:
– Tracks real-time class & online attendance
– Analyzes academic engagement & performance
– Prompts critical interventions with at-risk students
– Prompts follow-ups with failing and underperforming students

Not attending AACRAO this year? That’s okay why not schedule a 10-minute demo with one of our student success experts today?

How SEAtS Electronic Attendance Tracking can Help your Financial Aid Office

SEAtS Electronic Attendance Tracking can help your financial aid office today!

Key Benefits:

– Significant Reductions in Bad Debts and resulting DoE Reimbursements
– Meet federal regulations for disbursing aid to enrolled students

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SEAtS Software at NASPA 2017

Attending NASPA 2017?

The SEAtS team are thrilled to be exhibiting at this years NASPA 2017 Annual Conference taking place in San Antonio March 12-15th, 2017.

Our student success cloud solution:
– Tracks real-time class & online attendance
– Analyzes academic engagement & performance
– Prompts critical interventions and adviser
– Prompts follow-ups with failing or under-performing students

Find us at booth 133 to chat with our Student success expert!

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The Importance of Student Attendance Tracking with SEAtS

Do you realise how important student attendance tracking is on your campus?

Lecturers spend hours preparing for classes, creating informative lectures and planning engaging activities. Most go above and beyond in the hopes that their students will achieve a deeper understanding of the material that will help them grow as a student and ultimately as a graduate.

Of course, all of this work is meaningless if a student does not attend class.

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SEAtS Software Gold Sponsors at SACRAO 2017

The SEAtS team are thrilled to be Gold Sponsors at this year’s Southern Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Offices 2017 (SACRAO) Annual Conference in Florida!

SEAtS are also exhibiting at the conference be sure to visit us at booth 19!
Our mission is to build the world’s most effective Student Success Software, that makes it possible for each and every student on (and off) campus to achieve their full potential. Providing the earliest, early warning system giving you the tools to save those critical at-risk students.

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The Next Wave in Data Analytics

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but in education, information speaks volumes. Data analytics show what students know, what they should know, and what to do to meet their academic needs. With the right information educators, can make informed decisions and deliver better student outcomes.

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Press Release: The University of Roehampton Deploys SEAtS

The University of Roehampton deploys SEAtS Student Success Cloud Software to support student retention, progression, attendance and visa compliance.

SEAtS Software, a leading provider of student success software for Higher Education, today announced that The University of Roehampton London has deployed SEAtS software to underpin the University’s Student Retention, Engagement Compliance and Capital Investment Objectives and to deliver the best possible student experience and outcomes.

The SEAtS Student Success Platform is an early warning system for retention, engagement, attendance, compliance and attainment issues. Reports, alerts and data analytics are delivered on the cloud. Students, academic and administrative staff will benefit from self-service e-forms and processes designed to engage and retain students, assure compliance and drive achievement levels through proactive early interventions.

SEAtS provided us with an immediate solution to any existing issues surrounding student retention, engagement or attendance monitoring. We are looking forward to the future prospects that this solution can generate for our university.

said Mike Hall, CIO of The University of Roehampton

Read the full official press release here:

Prepare for Brexit with SEAtS

With the future impact of Brexit taking shape (if it takes place which is likely), there is no doubt that it will have a big impact of the higher education sector. Research has shown that EU (non-UK) students will decrease from the current 120,000 post Brexit. Universities will have to work harder to keep their existing UK based students. They may have to recruit more UK-based students to fill the void, many with lower tariffs.

With the widening of participation, the cohort of at risk students increases. These students need active supports to complete their student journey right through to graduation.

Visa restrictions and higher fees for EU (non-UK) students due to their changing status will increase the UKVI compliance workload and associated risks. On the other hand, the drop-in Sterling benefits international students in the UK with lower fees and living costs.

Good business practice calls for planning for whatever eventuality will occur. SEAtS can help with our tried and tested solutions for Student Retention, UKVI compliance and much more besides.

We do this by giving you early warning alerts for “at risk” students. SEAtS also have a full suite of in-built workflows to track and alert on visa compliance issues. These two “out of the box” processes offer immediate compliance, retention and progression benefits.

Check out our suite of solutions which will he help your institution, students and reputation today and in the future:

SEAtS Customer Success Platform

Customer Success is where strategic planning meets real-world application delivery. Choose a deployment strategy aligned with your institutions strategic objectives.
SEAtS Solutions delivery approach offers a number of tailored options to assist in the adoption of our solutions across your campus. These options include…

SEAtS Assist:
This choice of deployment is carried out by personnel from within your institution. Our professional services team act in a supporting capacity only where we provide comprehensive training services to your project team.

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Federal Aid Compliance with SEAtS

Federal Aid Compliance
Here at SEAtS Software we understand the importance of federal aid compliance.

Jefferson College and a few other colleges and universities are making strides to stay ahead and meet their compliance obligations with the Department of Education Federal Aid. One major compliance area? Student attendance – in class, in other designated academic settings (library, internships), and in online classes. All valuable data points for assessing compliance with DoE Federal Aid.

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Meaningful Data on Student Financial Support with SEAtS

OFFA reports say UK universities need to measure effectiveness of hundreds of millions in student financial support.
The Office for Fair Access says £478m went to direct student financial supports in 2014-15. The spending was on bursaries and fee-waivers. The watchdog wants universities to measure the impact on student success, access and progression. Universities are working on common tools for assessing bursaries’ effect.
Supports are mainly subsidising fees with loans. Low income and disadvantaged students receive bursaries and fee-waivers to widen degree access.

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Activity Tracking – Fitbit for Higher Education with SEAtS

Katie Winter
Director of Business Development, US

Have you read this article? “How Wearables have Influenced Data Use In Higher Education” by Patrick Cole. https://elearningindustry.com/8-ways-wearables-data-higher-education
The biggest takeaway: “Giving Students Access To Data Can Cause Changes In Behaviour”. It’s too bad that Higher Education leaders, administrators and instructors fail to execute on known strategies to change students behaviour. If you’ve read anything about Higher Education in the United States lately you’ll know that student retention and graduation are hot topics. At most public universities only 19% of college students graduate within 4 years. Whoa! That’s a lot of extra tuition parents are paying and more money taken out in student loans.

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SEAtS Software at ARUCC 2016!

The SEAtS team are thrilled to be exhibiting at this years Association of Registrars of the Universities and Colleges of Canada conference 2016 in Vancouver, BC! Visit us at at
booth 14!

Our mission is to build the world’s most effective Student Success Software, that makes it possible for each and every student on (and off) campus to achieve their full potential. Providing the earliest, early warning system giving you the tools to save those critical at-risk students.

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SEAtS Mobile Announcement

SEAtS Software announces the release of their mobile platform. SEAtS Mobile will be included with their forthcoming major SEAtS 3.0 update. SEAtS Mobile now includes native apps for iPhone, Android and Tablets to complement the existing SEAtS web apps for students, academic and advisory staff.

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Federal Funding Obligations – How SEAtS can Help…

Deliver on federal funding and financial stakeholder engagement and attendance tracking obligations.

SEAtS Attendance Capture Devices will read your current student ID cards. This makes them highly cost-effective and also significantly increases the speed of adoption of the solution on your campus. SEAtS devices use our push-to-cloud technology to reduce the need for hardware on campus. They also work on your wireless and PoE networks which means significant time and money savings on system setup, wiring, and infrastructure.

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Student Retention and Completion Issues – How SEAtS can help…

According to studies in recent years, students who are attending four-year colleges in the United States are taking up to six years to graduate, if they graduate at all. The trend in delayed graduation rates is associated to the student’s lack of understanding about their degree requirements, personal family and work commitments that compete for limited resources, and incomplete support to help students develop and stick with a degree plan. SEAtS Student Retention Platform can help you here…

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Come see us in Phoenix at AACRAO Annual Meeting 2016. SEAtS to sponsor Student Success Conference Track.

SEAtS Software have the privilege of not only exhibiting but also sponsoring the Student Success Track this year’s AACRAO 102nd Annual Meeting, which is taking place in Phoenix Arizona March 20-23, 2016.

SEAtS, the student success cloud software company, are hosting the Student Success Track which explores how PSE’s can lead and inspire positive change for the benefit of the students and the institute, a theme that SEAtS Software can relate to on many levels and aligns clearly with our company’s mission and vision. Read more

[LIVE WEBINAR] The SEAtS Equation..

SEAtS 2.0, the unified student success platform, harvests student engagement and attendance tracking data from physical and digital touch points across campus. SEAtS sets a new benchmark for student success with advanced early warning systems, work flows, dashboards, reports and analytics.
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The SEAtS Student Equation…


Your Data + Our Software = Student Success

Three good reasons why your institution should consider the SEAtS Student Success Platform…

  • Easy to use – Ready to go reports, alerts, and forms
  • Easy to buy – Buy straight from the UK Governments Digital Marketplace
  • Easy to run – Just add data from your campus systems

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The Importance of Student Retention

Let us help you help the 40% of students who don’t complete their degree!

Student retention is a major issue in higher education today – make sure your university takes action sooner rather than later!

SEAtS Student Success Platform is designed with the university and colleges best interest in mind. Our solutions are designed to benefit you university, college or institution in the most effective way possible.
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SEAtS Software at AACRAO SEM Conference 2015!

The SEAtS Software team will be showcasing at this years AACRAO SEM Conference taking place in Hollywood Florida November 1-4th 2015.

If you or any of your colleagues are attending AACRAO SEM be sure to come on over to say hello and learn more about our Unified Student Success Platform, we would love to hear from you 🙂
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University of South Wales deploys SEAtS Software

University of South Wales runs its visa and compliance processes on SEAtS Software Student Success Cloud-based Software.

On the 11th of August 2015, SEAtS, a leading provider of student success software for Higher Education Institutes (HEIs), announced that the University of South Wales has deployed SEAtS software to support the University’s Student Visa and Immigration Compliance processes.

Crown Commercial Service Digital Marketplace

The university identified SEAtS through a comprehensive selection and evaluation process, fully researching the market. USW then procured the SEAtS Solution through the Crown Commercial Service Digital Marketplace where SEAtS is listed on the OJEU approved G-Cloud V framework.
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