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Automate Processes with Workflows and Early Alerts

Use workflows to handle time-consuming daily tasks. Build sustainability, fairness and equity into student-facing administration processes. Focus on providing student support.

UKVI compliance - workflows

Features of Workflows and Process Automation

Icon Alert Reminder
Automatically push notifications to student faculty when students are at risk of dropping out.

Real-time retention

Icon Tag
Use custom tags to filter and track specific cohorts of students.

Easily group related

Icon Live Dashboards
Pull student engagement data into one place. Track progression at school, course, and individual level.

Live retention

Icon Case Management
Build custom workflows or customise your own.

Student case

Icon Attendance Anytime
See student attendance register in real-time.

Capture student

Icon Master Schedules
Automate appointment bookings as part of a workflow or reach out on a case by case basis.

Book student

Professional Accreditation Diagram

A powerful workflow engine

Our customisable workflows trigger from real-time changes in the system. Automatically move through pre-determined stages.

Email Automation

Book Meetings

Student Wellbeing Alerts - workflows

Early Alert

Task Management

Build custom workflows

Our workflow builder allows users to create student success and campus management processes from scratch. Design automations that simplifies daily tasks.

Class Reminders

Keep students and faculty up to date and on time. Send class reminders directly to smartphones or tablets via the mobile app to boost attendance.

Workflows - automatic class reminders

Absence Management

Automatically contact students who are absent. Let students record their own absences via the mobile app for staff or faculty to approve.

Standardise Engagement

Collate siloed student data into an AI generated engagement score. Build custom engagement workflows that trigger actions when scores drop below pre-determined criteria.

Workflows - student engagement dashboard

Stage Change Notifications

Keep students, faculty, and staff on track. Automatically send push notifications to relevant users that students are escalating and deescalating through workflow stages.

Use Custom Tags

Track student wellbeing, your way, with custom tags. Tag and un-tag students as part of a wellbeing workflow; at-risk, cause for concern, etc. Filter on tags for targeted support.

Workflows - student case management

Assign Student Cases

Easily manage personal tutor, academic advisor, and case manager workloads with the ability to assign student cases as part of an automated workflow.

Real-Time Alerts

Our student retention workflows trigger from real-time changes in the system. Automatically surface students who may be struggling and get notified before they critically drop-off.

Workflows - student retention intervention

Book Interventions

Make in-person or online meetings and appointments part of your student retention workflow.  Provide timely support and interventions to correct the student journey to graduation.

Easily Track Cohorts

Use SmartTags to keep track of specific widening participation, access, and inclusion cohorts at your institution. Quickly find the students you need, when you need them.

Workflows - track widening participation student cohorts

Send Bulk Communications

Use pre-built communication templates or customise your own. Automatically send emails to specific cohorts as part of a widening participation workflow.

Out-Of-The-Box Processes

We have refined workflows and processes for visa, financial aid, and performance based funding compliance ready to go. Simply plug SEAtS into your campus to get started.

Workflows - custom academic reports for compliance

Custom Reports

Build custom reports and add them to your academic compliance workflows. Automatically send updated pdf. and csv. reports as an email attachment to stakeholders.

The benefits of real-time workflows

Never lose sight over student engagement, wellbeing, and progression in blended learning.

Save Time

Keeping track of each student’s progression, wellbeing, and academic compliance can be time consuming. With SEAtS workflow engine, faculty and staff are automatically alerted of relevant changes in the system. Escalate students through pre-determined stages and trigger a wide range of actions at each.

Student engagement alert dashboard
campus system integrations

Remove Human Error

Remove the reliance on the memory of your faculty and staff. Consolidate campus systems with siloed student data pulled into one system. With SEAtS workflow engine acting as a safety net, you can be confident that appropriate action is taken in real-time.

Reduce Paper Waste

SEAtS mobile and web apps are built entirely on the Microsoft Azure Cloud. This means that all of our workflows and processes are paperless. If you have paper student records, they can be added as attachments to one centralised system, eliminating the need to circulate paper between departments. Track all student activity in one place.

track all student activity

Ready to see our workflows in action!