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Optimize Your Campus Space and Resources

Give estates and campus services the information they need to reduce energy costs, achieve sustainability and carbon net zero reduction, and to inform strategic planning.

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Design Efficient, Sustainable, Timetables

Our student scheduling solution gives timetable and curriculum managers complete control over their academic timetables.

Create semesters of blended learning classes from scratch or import your existing timetable and easily work from there.

Improve campus flow at your institution and ensure everyone is kept up to date.

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Our solution allows educators to capture, manage, and report on student attendance in-class and online. Leverage card readers, QR codes, Bluetooth beacons, and faculty smartphones to capture in-person attendance. Automatically register online attendance by integrating with your LMS and video conferencing tools.


Space Utilisation

Find out how your institution currently uses space. Give teams a dashboard to help improve estate management and help your institution achieve it’s sustainability goals. Our real-time space utilisation solution gives timetable managers actual footfall data to curate their student schedules.

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Building Management Insights

Leverage your campus network infrastructure to deliver real-time room capacity management and safety alerts. Our building management insights solution connects with existing access points to create a matrix of teaching space beacons that immediately enable accurate location services for students and staff.


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