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Simplify professional accreditation management.

Schedule offsite events like student work placements, clinical sessions, modern apprenticeships, and more. Students can check into their professional accreditation programs via the mobile app using Bluetooth or GPS check-in. Program coordinators can store all work placement related activity in each student’s profile and book remote check up appointments with students.

schedule professional accreditation programs with online meetings and gps check in

Book check-up meetings

Schedule work placements

GPS mobile check-in

students on work placement in a mechanical engineering firm

How our professional accreditation solution works


Plug in SEAtS to your campus

Work closely with our specialist onboarding team to get up and running quickly. Identify and weight the metrics needed from campus systems to track professional accreditation engagement.

Keep student calendars up to date

Make ad-hoc academic timetable changes with real-time updates. Sync offsite events scheduled in SEAtS to student Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and Google calendars.

Ensure a positive student experience

Provide students with support who need it now and inform student access and inclusion strategies going forward. Help your institution achieve it's widening participation goals.

Features for tracking student work placements

Over 50 integrations

Use out-of-the-box integrations to connect to your institution’s systems and technology (VLE/LMS, SIS, and more) to capture student engagement while they are off-campus, accessing online resources and making submissions.

Capture student attendance

Choose from a variety of work placement student attendance capture solutions. Turn a placement coordinator’s smartphone into a Bluetooth beacon or use our GPS technology for students to check-in to offsite events.

Prioritise engagement metrics

Work with our customer success team to weight student data signals to reflect professional accreditation engagement. Put more emphasis on offsite check-ins, online resource access, and work placement report submissions.

Live student dashboard

Monitor student progression and wellbeing at work placements. Students receive an auto generated AI success score that gives placement coordinators a better picture of how students are performing off-campus.

Use custom tags

Keep track of professional accreditation students, your way. You can create and assign custom tags, restrict tag view based on user access, and use tags as part of a multi-select filter search. Quickly find the students you need.

Generate progress reports

Utilise out of the box student progression reports or customise your own. Generate pdf. and csv. reports that can be automatically sent to your email. Benefit from regular at-a-glance updates of students on work placement.

Features for managing work placements

Offsite Scheduling

A modern academic timetabling solution that gives institutions unrivalled flexibility with their scheduling. Schedule one-off or recurring off-campus events like field trips or vocational training. Push events created in Schedule to student and staff calendars with changes to the timetable being updated in real-time.

schedule professional accreditation programs and sync to student Microsoft Teams calendars

Automate Action

Use pre-built professional accreditation workflows or customise your own. Automatically escalate students through stages. Our workflows act as a safety net to monitor academic engagement and progression. Give work placement coordinators the cover they need to focus on supporting students off-campus.

workflow builder for student alerts - wellbeing solution

Check In

Automate appointment bookings as part of a workflow or reach out on a case by case basis. Block out time in the student calendar for an intervention with the option to include online meeting links for remote reviews. Reengage students before they critically drop-off.

book student interventions - widening participation solution
student mobile app with gps check in and request help form

A Fitbit for offsite engagement tracking

Give your professional accreditation students the tools they need to keep track of their progression and reach out if they need assistance. Maintain visibility over student success off-campus.

Check into work placement

Use Bluetooth or GPS mobile check in.

Easily manage absences

Students can enter absences for staff approval.

Request help from coordinators

Students raise their hand via the mobile app.

Get a free discovery call

Meet with our Business Development Team to discuss our solution.


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