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Turn Student Engagement & Attendance into Actionable Insights and Early Alerts

Make better, faster decisions at every level with Actionable Education Analytics.

Improve student retention, experiences, outcomes, and well-being with critical early alerts. Build workflows to trigger cases, rapid outreach, meetings, and follow-ups. Build better timetables, reduce energy costs and carbon consumption. Add Smart Campus Network insights to build the complete picture. Deliver on strategic programs targets and comply with professional, regulatory, and visa reporting requirements.

All in a single pane of glass view on one easy-to use platform. Integrated with the Microsoft, CRM, LMS, SIS, and other software used on campus everyday.

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Global institutions trust SEAtS to achieve their goals

Solutions for all educational institutions

Simplify Student Attendance Management

Easily capture and report on student attendance in class, online and off-campus. Integrate with your existing LMS for accurate online student attendance. See a live attendance dashboard that can drill down from school to student.

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blended learning solutions with sync to teams and mobile check in

Automate Those Critical Early Interventions

SEAtS Early Alerts is a proactive solution to boost student retention and wellbeing. Prevent dropouts and enhance graduation rates through timely real-time interventions. Automate alerts of changes in a student’s engagement to that student and relevant staff.

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Academic compliance with UKVI workflow, filters and activity

Track Student Engagement with Ease

Understand how your students engage, where they struggle and how to support them with the power of learning analytics. SEAtS offers a comprehensive view of student engagement and progression. Receive early alerts to identify at-risk students and take action.

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Make the Most of Your Campus Buildings and Optimize Resources

Cut energy costs, optimize resources and reduce carbon footprint through actionable dashboards. Get real time insights to identify underutilized areas across your campus and streamline operations.

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Manage All Compliance Obligations in One Place

Monitor student engagement and trigger critical alerts to meet internal and external academic compliance obligations. Automate time-consuming tasks like sending reminders and generating audit-ready reports. View critical real-time insights on compliance through actionable analytics.

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Academic compliance with UKVI workflow, filters and activity

Simplify Mitigating & Special Circumstances Requests.

Overwhelmed with the increasing number of mitigating and special circumstances applications?
SEAtS stand-alone comprehensive solution helps universities simplify the entire process from application to resolution, ensuring fairness and equity for all students.

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Mitigating circumstances request management with student mobile app and web dashboard with status options.

Capture Student Work Placement Activity

Schedule offsite events like student work placements, clinical sessions, modern apprenticeships, and more. Students can check into their professional accreditation programs via the mobile app using Bluetooth or GPS check-in. Store all work placement related activity in each student’s profile and book remote check up appointments.

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Professional accreditation solution with GPS mobile check in and report export

Achieve Your Diversity, Access and Inclusion goals

Give your widening participation team the actionable insights they need to improve retention and attainment rates for students from underrepresented groups. Examine both real-time and historical student data to identify trends in student attrition. Ensure that students have timely access to support.

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Widening participation solution with student activity and workflows
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Seamless integration with your existing systems

SEAtS pulls attendance and engagement data from existing campus technology into one place.

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