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The Situation

SEAtS Software, a leading provider of student success software for Higher Education, today announced that The University of Roehampton London has deployed SEAtS software to underpin the University’s Student Retention, Engagement Compliance and Capital Investment Objectives and to deliver the best possible student experience and outcomes.

“We have built a strong relationship with SEAtS on this ground breaking project. SEAtS will deliver the real-time decision making data needed to help our academic and professional services colleagues ensure that all our students have the best possible experiences and outcomes.”

Mike Hall, CIO of the University of Roehampton

The SEAtS Student Success Platform is an early warning system for retention, engagement, attendance, compliance and attainment issues. Reports, alerts and data analytics are delivered on the cloud. Students, academic and administrative staff will benefit from self-service e-forms and processes designed to engage and retain students, assure compliance and drive achievement levels through proactive early interventions. Student presence will be captured using in-room touch terminals that work with existing student ID cards.

SEAtS will also deliver on Tier 4 visa and immigration compliance obligations, producing accurate timely stakeholder reporting for UKVI and other stakeholders. Operationally it will provide a consistent approach to student engagement and retention including, attendance data capture, absence alerts, on-line registers and evidence of presence with verifiable data streams.

The SEAtS platform will connect with existing campus systems at The University of Roehampton including student records, timetabling and virtual learning environments.

“Higher Education faces more environmental and government policy challenges than ever. Brexit, increased competition, widening participation, TEF, NSS, UKVI to mention just a few. The single view of success is now mission critical in this environment. It is no longer enough to report on historic data. Universities such as Roehampton use SEAtS cloud and mobile apps that are up and running fast. They get actionable decision making data as it happens. Real time engagement and presence reports, analytics and early warning alerts are now part of their processes. They can use real-time data to shape student progression and outcomes. This will deliver them significant competitive advantage.”

Noel Dooley, CEO of SEAtS Software

“SEAtS provided us with an immediate solution to any existing issues surrounding student retention, engagement or attendance monitoring. We are looking forward to the future prospects that this solution can generate for our university.”

Mike Hall, CIO of the University of Roehampton

About SEAtS

SEAtS is a student success cloud and mobile software for education driving retention, attainment progression and outcomes. SEAtS applies learning analytic algorithms to student profile, engagement and attendance data. Case management workflows identify at-risk students and trigger critical early interventions. We deliver visibility of visa and immigration, funding, attendance and space utilisation in real-time. SEAtS case management triggers and tracks follow up emails, letters, meetings, notes and messages. Easy to use reports, dashboards and mobile apps keep students, staff and leadership teams fully informed.

About University of Roehampton

University of Roehampton, founded in 1841 offers an extensive range of courses in business, law, psychology, communication and performing art. The University draws together four renowned colleges, each with its own world-class reputation.

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