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An Audit-Ready Modern and Trade Apprenticeships Management System

Manage your apprenticeships with SEAtS Software, a cloud-based platform that supports modern and trade apprenticeships across all sectors and levels.

SEAtS empowers apprentices to access learning resources, track their progress and assignment submissions, get feedback, and communicate with mentors.

Program Managers and Leadership Teams benefit from robust audit compliance tools. Use in-built retention software to help every apprentice stay the course.


Features for Modern and Trade Apprenticeships

Monitor the performance and attendance of their apprentices.

Provide timely, relevant guidance and support.

Comply with regulatory, trade and professional accreditation requirements.

Produce Audit ready reports and evidence on demand.

Professional Accreditation Diagram
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Managing Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are a core pillar of the  Modern Education Experience, blending work-ready skills with formal education structures.

Read how to easily manage Modern and Trade Apprenticeship Programs at your institution.

Learn how to simplify regulatory compliance reporting, track learner engagement and attendance hours wherever it happens. Help more students complete their apprenticeship journey, all on one easy to use platform.

Ready to simplify apprenticeship success, administration, and regulatory compliance reporting?