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Simplify Mitigating Circumstances Requests for Students and Staff

Overwhelmed with the increasing number of mitigating and special circumstances applications? We understand the challenges you face keeping the process equitable and fair for all students. That is why we have built a stand-alone comprehensive toolset to help you simplify the management of mitigating and special circumstances applications.

Mitigating circumstances request management with student mobile app and web dashboard with status options.

Features for Mitigating Circumstances

Icon Process
Remove Human Error. Pre-populate important student data such as Student ID, Course and Module, and relevant assessments for a completely streamlined procedure. Take the strain off your administration staff and simplify their daily work lives.

the process

Our solution makes it easier for students to submit one request application for multiple modules or assessments. Access to the SEAtS Mobile App means they can quickly review the progress of their applications, receive instant updates on its status and submit any relevant documents without any stress.

Easily review the application progress

Icon Manage Requests
From SEAtS web or mobile apps, students can view the status of their existing requests and create new ones.

Create and manage requests with ease

Icon Reports
Give academic staff more time for teaching and learning Reduce the need for paper-based reporting and jumping between a myriad of systems. SEAtS request management solution has dramatically reduced the time and resources needed to process and approve student extenuating circumstances requests.


Icon Dashboards
From one dashboard, request management staff are able to review student’s mitigating circumstances requests. Send email communications and assign requests to other relevant staff or faculty.

Full visibility from one dashboard

Icon Customize
Build out the reasons, statuses, and requests that define extenuating circumstances management at your institution.

Customize to
your needs

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Make Applications and Approvals Simple for Everyone

Submitting New Applications

In the mitigating circumstances application, students are given an overview of the request process and the potential outcomes.

From here, students search for their desired module and upcoming assessment that they wish to defer. They will also have to select the reason for the request from a pre-populated list of valid reasons and produce a wider explanation of the request. Supporting documentation can also be provided by attaching it to the application.

Before the student submits the request, they will be directed to a summary page. Here they will have to make a declaration that the information they have provided is correct.

Student Approvals tab with status of mitigating circumstances requests and reasons

Managing Student Requests

Mitigating circumstances staff log into SEAtS web app and navigate to the Approvals tab. Here they will see student requests that are relevant to them waiting for review.

From there, staff can change the status of student requests to pre-determined stages along with adding comments for the student. They will also be able to send direct emails to the student if needed. If there are other staff or faculty that need to be made aware of the special considerations request, admin users can assign non-admin users with temporary access with the click of a button.

Export student requests instantly for simplified reporting.

Staff approval tab with existing students special considerations requests with mitigating circumstances application review
GUIDE Mitigating Circumstances
Check out our Guide to:

Mitigating and Special Circumstances

Managing mitigating circumstances applications is challenging for institutions. How can we simplify the process and speed up turnaround times?

Are you looking for a solution to manage the increasing number of students who need special consideration due to extenuating or mitigating circumstances?

See SEAtS Mitigating Circumstances Solution in action!