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Actionable Insights to Improve Student Engagement

Learning analytics are a valuable tool for Higher Education institutions. They enable them to collect and analyse large amounts of data about students’ behaviour, performance and needs.

By using learning analytics, institutions can gain actionable insights and make evidence-based decisions that reliably improve student outcomes, operational processes and efficiencies. With SEAtS learning analytics tools, universities and schools can offer timely and specific support, and implement effective student success strategies.

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Learning Analytics Features

Student Engagement Score

Actionable Reports &
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Early Alert Workflows

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GUIDE Student Engagement Analytics
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Student Engagement Analytics

Providing effective, timely support and assistance to students is crucial to ensuring their success in their academic journey. 

In this guide we help you understand how your students learn, where they struggle and how institutions can help them succeed through the power of learning analytics.

Ready to reduce dropouts and improve student engagement at your institution?