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Supporting Student Administrators Daily

Use a comprehensive student administration solution designed to streamline administrative tasks and improve student outcomes. SEAtS is a cloud-based platform that connects your existing systems and allows student administrators to manage every aspect of their role more efficiently.

Student Administration

Features for Student Administration

Icon Alert Reminder
Automatically push notifications to student faculty when students are at risk of dropping out.

Real-time retention

Icon Tag
Use custom tags to filter and track specific cohorts of students.

Easily group related

Icon Live Dashboards
Pull student engagement data into one place. Track progression at school, course, and individual level.

Live retention

Icon Case Management
Build custom workflows or customise your own.

Student case

Icon Attendance Anytime
See student attendance register in real-time.

Capture student

Icon Master Schedules
Automate appointment bookings as part of a workflow or reach out on a case by case basis.

Book student

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How can we help?

Utilise a  powerful tool for student administrators looking to save time, manage their workload, and plan for the future.

Save Time

Provide student administrators with a range of automated processes that can help save time and reduce administrative workload. For example, the system can automatically generate attendance reports, send reminders to students who are absent, and even provide automated interventions to support struggling students.

Student administrator generating attendance reports for visa compliance professional accreditation and other internal stakeholders
Student administration team with engagement dashboard and opening manual case interventions

Manage Your Workload

Student administrators can easily manage their workload by tracking student data in real-time. The system provides a centralised platform where all student data can be stored and accessed easily, making it easier for administrators to identify trends and patterns in student behaviour and make informed decisions about interventions.

Plan For The Future

Give student administrators valuable insights into student behaviour and engagement, which can be used to plan for the future. By identifying trends and patterns in student behaviour, administrators can make informed decisions about course scheduling, staffing, and student support services to improve student outcomes and increase retention rates.

Team of young student administrators working together to examine trends in student engagement and classroom space utilisation

Let us do the heavy lifting

Make student administration more manageable.

Report On Attendance

Choose your preferred data capture method to capture and report on student attendance and absences for accreditation and visa compliance.

Track Student Performance

Detailed analytics on student performance enables administrators to identify at-risk students and intervene before they fall behind.

Update Timetables

Streamline the creation and management of timetables, enabling administrators to make changes and communicate them to students quickly.

Manage Communications

The platform provides a centralized hub for communication, allowing administrators to send messages to students, faculty, and staff with ease.

Integrate Seamlessly

Make SEAtS your go-to platform by drawing all of the data you need from the myriad of existing campus systems. Save time not jumping back and forth.

Build Workflows

Work with SEAtS to build your own workflows to automate the time consuming aspects of your day, so you can focus on more meaningful tasks.

Hear from our users

“SEAtS Schedule has made improvements across all our stakeholders; from students being notified of immediate timetable changes, faculty engagement with technology and administrative time benefiting from scheduling tasks become more efficient.”

Ian FraserPrincipal & CEO, European School of Osteopathy

“Using SEAtS automated workflow will reduce the need for staff to monitor and communicate with students, faculty and student services. It will greatly save us time so that the reason for the student’s attendance problem can be solved instead of the time-consuming task of determining who is actually absent.”

David MaizeDean of the University, University of the Incarnate Word: Feik School of Pharmacy

Start simplifying administration today!