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Track Student Progression with a Complete Case Management Solution

SEAtS Case Management is a centre for student retention and wellbeing in higher education. Individual student case management provides in-depth analysis of academic performance and progression and remove information silos.

With all information stored in a centralised dashboard, the software provides complete documentation of all cases with actions recorded for full visibility and control.

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Case Management Features

Early Alert System

Actionable Reports &
Dashboards Insights

Automated Emails

Customizable Workflows

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Check out our Complete Guide to:

Student Case Management

SEAtS Software stands as a valuable solution for institutions striving to effectively support their students and manage their wellbeing all the way to graduation.

In this guide, we explain how SEAtS case management solution puts everything related to each student’s success in one place for relevant case managers and advisors.

Ready to improve student progression at your institution with SEAtS case management solution?