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Reduce Your Campus Carbon Footprint

Use real-time space utilization dashboards to easily identify areas where campus sustainability can be improved. Re-purpose existing underutilized space, rooms, buildings, etc. Discover when each space is in use so your building management services teams can optimize heat and lighting spend.

space filtering - space utilisation solution

Features of reducing your Campus Carbon Footprint

Icon Space Utilization
Right-size room allocations every time.

Allocate Rooms

Icon Attendance Anytime
Reduce phantom room bookings and no-shows

Reduce No-Shows

Icon Set Opening Times
Optimize building opening hours.

Set Opening Times

Icon Reports
Audit ready-reports to evidence action and outcomes.

Audit Reports

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Using Space Utilization Analytics to help deliver a Sustainable and Efficient Campus

Reducing Energy Costs and Carbon Net Zero are critical strategic plan items at every institution.

Read how to easily manage energy costs and to drive sustainability with actionable space utilization insights for your campus from one integrated platform.

Want to fast-track your journey to Carbon Net Zero with actionable space utilization dashboards, reports, and early alerts?