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Helping Academic Registrars and the Registry Team Streamline their Day

The importance of the Academic Registrar and their team lies in its ability to maintain the integrity of academic records, support the academic success of students, and ensure that the university operates in compliance with established standards and policies.

Efficient and accurate registry processes contribute to the overall effectiveness and reputation of the university.

SEAtS is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline administrative tasks and improve student outcomes. SEAtS  connects your existing systems and allows to manage every aspect of your role more efficiently.

Academic Registrar

Registry Team Features

Icon Dashboards
Record all student activity for a complete audit trail of the student journey. Each of these instances feed into the AI generated engagement score for each student.

Live Customizable Dashboards

Icon Live Dashboards
SEAtS allows to monitor all levels of engagement; students, tutors, lecturers, modules, courses, and schools. From the Space Utilisation Dashboard you can drill down from campus to individual rooms.

Performance Monitoring

Icon Reports
Create custom reports for stakeholders and schedule emails directly from the system. Simplify reporting responsibilities and never miss a deadline.

Custom Reports

Icon Case Management
See results with ready to use Visa and immigration compliance reports. Meet and exceed all legal requirements for monitoring student engagement and progression.

Report Workflows

Icon Ensure Collaboration
Ensure all stakeholders have all the data they need in one place. Create a standardised approach to student success.

Unified Departments

Professional Accreditation Diagram
higher education students engaging with each other on campus

How SEAtS works:

  1. Integrate SEAtS with your campus

Connect to your existing campus systems and technology to start pulling LMS, SIS, access, library, and more student engagement data into one platform.

  1. Automate campus management

Use our out of the box workflows, or customize your own, that alert to real-time changes in student engagement and trigger emails, letters, and calls to action.

  1. Meet and exceed reporting requirements

Save time by generating reports on all campus data like financial obligations, student attendance, space utilisation and visa compliance. Reports can be exported in PDF or CSV format.

Are you ready to simplify and streamline processes at your institution?