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Keep Track of Student Success in Medical Schools

Medical Schools have a significant responsibility to ensure that their students receive the best possible education and training during their work placements and clinical sessions. The tracking and management of these sessions can be challenging, time-consuming, and prone to errors, which can negatively impact the students’ education and the school’s reputation.

Medical School

Features for Medical School

Icon Alert Reminder
Automatically push notifications to student faculty when students are at risk of dropping out.

Real-time retention

Icon Tag
Use custom tags to filter and track specific cohorts of students.

Easily group related

Icon Live Dashboards
Pull student engagement data into one place. Track progression at school, course, and individual level.

Live retention

Icon Case Management
Build custom workflows or customise your own.

Student case

Icon Attendance Anytime
See student attendance register in real-time.

Capture student

Icon Master Schedules
Automate appointment bookings as part of a workflow or reach out on a case by case basis.

Book student

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What are the benefits to your school?

A comprehensive solution to streamline the process of tracking and managing medical student work placements and clinical sessions.

Increased Efficiency

Automate the process of tracking and managing medical student work placements and clinical sessions, reducing the administrative burden on staff. This automation allows staff to spend more time on important tasks, such as providing students with feedback and support.

Medical student working closely with teaching doctor on clinical sessions or work placement in hospital.
Medical students working together to graduate from medical school.

Improved Learning

Real-time monitoring of student attendance, performance, and progress enables staff to identify students who may require additional support or intervention. This proactive approach can improve the quality of the students’ education and ensure that they receive the support they need to succeed.

Better Resource Management

By knowing where, when, and how learning happens at your medical school, you can easily and optimally allocate resources. By connecting rooms and resources during the scheduling process, you can ensure that educators have the tools they need for the best possible learning experience for students.

Medical student learning from teaching doctor and using dummy.

Take a look at some of our daily time-saving features

We want to help you provide the best possible experiences for your students.

Save Custom Views

Have the information you need at hand every time you open SEAtS. Build out your dashboards using extensive filtering and column configuration.

Capture All Activity

Store all student and staff activity in one secure location for a complete audit trail of the student journey. Easily export relevant data when necessary.

Create Custom Tags

Keep track of specific medical student cohorts the way you want. Create custom tags that can be used to simplify filtering and reporting.

What is the user experience?

To ensure natural user adoption in medical schools, we have designed our platform to help all stakeholders streamline their day.

Campus Planning

Get a clear picture of where and when learning happens on your campus. This data is presented back in easy to understand dashboards that enable informed decision making around campus sustainability and efficiency.

Performance Monitoring

SEAtS Engagement Dashboard lets Leadership monitor all levels of engagement; students, tutors, lecturers, modules, courses, and schools. From the Space Utilisation Dashboard they can drill down from campus to individual rooms.

Unifying Departments

We are committed to giving each department one platform that integrates with their individual systems. Ensure all stakeholders have all the data they need in one place. Create a standardised approach to student success.

Tracking Attendance

Remove paper-based registers from your world, while saving time every class by semi-automating the student attendance check-in process. We provide a variety of data capture methods, so you can choose what works for you.

Engagement Monitoring

Never lose visibility over your students’ engagement, whether in-person, online, or off-campus. Our Engagement Dashboard automatically collates over 50 student touch points into a single success score, relative to their cohorts.

Course Planning

Identify peaks and troughs in student engagement to quickly highlight areas of difficulty in the curriculum. Use SEAtS data as a starting point to make changes in your course that will improve student engagement.

Scheduling Clinical Sessions

Simplify off-campus scheduling for timetable managers and placement coordinators trying to manage clinical session placements for medical students. Students can check-in to off-campus events via the SEAtS Mobile App.

Tracking Engagement Off-Campus

Whether you are trying to capture student attendance at clinical sessions or keeping track of student engagement with online learning materials and resources, we have the tools to help you consolidate that information in one place.

Compliance Reporting

Completely revolutionise the way you generate reports for visa compliance, professional accreditation, internal stakeholder reporting, etc. With SEAtS Workflow Builder, you can totally automate the reporting process.

Student Outreach

Build out student outreach workflows that automate the initial stages of communication, leaving you to focus on the most critical cases of disengagement. Gain back hours of your time to provide more proactive student support.

Making Interventions

If a student’s engagement score dips below a pre-determined number, SEAtS workflows can be configured to automatically open a manual case intervention and send a real-time alert to the student and relevant support staff.

Managing Cases

SEAtS Case Management Dashboard gives support teams one screen to work from. Store all student case information in one secure location that allows for seamless communication, task management, and oversight.


Whether on or off-campus, medical students can use SEAtS Mobile App on any smartphone to check into their lectures, tutor meetings, and clinical sessions. Easily keep track of and meet the attendance requirements for your course.

Requesting Help

Now, you no longer have to wait for issues to arise before making effective interventions. From SEAtS web and mobile apps, medical students can make real-time help and mitigating circumstances requests for staff to action.

Staying Updated

Changes made to student timetables are reflected in student and faculty calendars in real-time. Automatically send class reminders directly to students’ smartphones. Easily keep track of your academic performance.

Ready to discuss our software solutions for medical schools in more detail?