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HELBUS Helsinki School of Business select SEAtS Software to Enhance Hybrid Learning Delivery and Attendance Management

SEAtS Software, the leading student success and data science analytics cloud solution for Higher and Further Education, today announced that HELBUS Helsinki School of Business has chosen SEAtS to enhance its hybrid learning environment delivery for students and staff. This will lead to the tidying of the process for all involved, also massively adding to operational efficiency.

We are continually looking for ways to enhance our own efficiency while also improving the programme experience for learners. After considering many options, we’re very excited to begin working alongside SEAtS as we feel strongly that they are capable of delivering exactly what we need.

Dr. Kari Jääskeläinen

CEO, HELBUS Helsinki School of Business

Through a combination of SEAtS Hybrid Timetable Scheduler, Attendance Management and capturing using the Mobile App and iBeacons distributed on-campus, and the Learning Analytics-backed Early Alert system, SEAtS Software and Helsinki School of Business will deliver a seamless hybrid learning experience and a comprehensive record of student presence at learning sessions. This will level the playing-field and ensure equal opportunity for all students.

We’re excited to partner with SEAtS as we’re confident SEAtS scheduler will make our scheduling quicker and more effective and allows us to share schedules and any changes to the schedule with student and staff more easily. SEAtS attendance data and workflow will allow our faculty and administrative staff to provide more timely support to the students hopefully improving our student retention and helping our students to succeed.

Emilia Kokkonen

Learning Technology Manager, HELBUS

The teaching and learning landscape has exponentially evolved since the beginning of 2020, and institutions are being faced with never-before-seen challenges as a result. Hybrid learning has taken priority in the interest of student success and public health. This has asked questions of existing campus systems and the processes that are built around them.

The partnership between SEAtS Software and HELBUS Helsinki School of Business is certainly a sign of a promising 2022 for both parties.

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