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Manage academic compliance obligations with one solution

Provide capture evidence of substantive student engagement for internal and external academic compliance obligations. Automate time-consuming tasks like sending reminders and generating reports. View critical real-time insights on compliance with embedded analytics, dashboards, and scorecards for student success.

Academic compliance solution with reports and notifications

Automate student notifications

Create custom reports

Capture student engagement

Academic compliance solution - UKVI student

How our academic compliance solution works


Integrate SEAtS with your campus

Connect to your existing campus systems and technology to start pulling LMS, SIS, access, library, and more student engagement data into one platform.

Automate academic compliance management

Use our out of the box workflows, or customize your own, that alert to real-time changes in student engagement and trigger emails, letters, and calls to action.

Meet and exceed reporting requirements

Save time by generating reports on all campus data like financial obligations, student attendance, space utilisation and visa compliance. Reports can be exported in PDF or CSV format.

Features for managing academic compliance

Over 50 integrations

Connect SEAtS to your existing campus systems, including Blackboard, Moodle, Canvas and more. Collate this student engagement data into one AI generated score. Keep visibility over your virtual campus.

Real-time compliance alerts

If any student does not meet criteria, like minimum attendance and engagement, compliance teams will be notified. There is also the option to automatically email the student using a pre-populated template explaining that the student is not meeting their obligations and outline next steps.

Student facing apps

Let students take control over their own learning. Give them web and mobile success tracker apps that allow them to monitor their progression, choose how they learn, and request help from advisors. They also receive event and compliance notifications in real-time.

Student attendance capture

Track, manage, and report on student attendance in-class, online, and off-campus. Wherever learning happens, capture proof of presence using a variety of student attendance capture solutions. Use what technology you already have in place or easily implement new Bluetooth attendance devices.

Live engagement dashboard

Record all student activity for a complete audit trail of the student journey. Each of these instances feed into the AI generated engagement score for each student. Standardise the score for entire cohorts. Monitor student activity from school down to individual instance.

Create custom tags

You can create and assign custom tags for academic compliance, restrict tag view based on user access, and use tags as part of a broader, multi-select filter search. Quickly filter and find the students you need.

Cover all academic compliance requirements

Build Report Workflows

See results quickly with ready to use Visa and immigration compliance processes and reports. Empower your academic compliance teams to meet and exceed all legal requirements for monitoring student engagement and progression.

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UKVI academic compliance workflow - visa and immigration compliance solution

Monitor Continuous Progression

Access performance related data by student, class, school or campus for efficient evaluation. Generate performance reports so the executive can see in real-time how the institute is performing relative to performance-based grants.

export student performance reports - performance based funding compliance solution

Keep Everyone Updated

Correlate financial updates with real-time attendance and engagement records for every student. Mitigate the risk of losing federal funding. Easily detect at-risk students and automate communication for a quick resolution.

contact students directly - financial aid compliance solution

Create Custom Reports

Automate your stakeholder compliance update process. Create custom reports to satisfy their requirements and schedule emails directly from the system with PDF and CSV files attached. Simplify reporting responsibilities and never miss a deadline.

create custom reports - stakeholder compliance solution
Academic compliance solution - student demographic data

Help keep your institution fully compliant

Provide one platform for academic compliance teams to manage all student and institutional compliance obligations. Remove administration complexity from your compliance processes to allow more time for staff to focus on helping students achieve their learning goals.

Book appointments

Automate appointment bookings as part of a workflow or reach out on a case by case basis. Block out time in the student calendar for a compliance check-up with the option to include online meeting links for remote reviews.

Accurate student information

Keep student background information up to date and in one place. Easily track and monitor student demographics and cohorts. Our role-based security settings means that your teams only see the student data that is relevant to them.

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