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Test and trace. Test and trace. Test and trace.

This is the approach institutions aim to deliver when students return for the new academic year. Anyone on campus experiencing symptoms of COVID needs to be tested immediately. With the help of key stakeholders, SEAtS recently announced COVID 19 Early Alert which provides the hardware and software to support precisely this. Our solution has since been successfully implemented at many institutions across the world.

The most common symptom is a fever. Testing students for a temperature as they present to campus is the most practical approach for institutions seeking to manage the health and safety of students and staff. While practicality is a priority, it is also important to streamline the detection process so as not to disrupt campus access which could lead to long queues.

Following rigorous testing, we have concluded that identification and temperature testing is the most efficient approach. Our devices let students scan their ID card to provide identification, and then scan their face or palm for a temperature. The scanners are accurate to +-0.3 degrees.

Once a student with an above-normal temperature is detected, an automated workflow is triggered within SEAtS that does the following:

  1. Open a case in SEAtS
  2. Notify the campus test centre of a positive result
  3. Email student with next steps including the next available test appointment, directions to the test centre and other practical advice.
SEAtS COVIDSafe Campus feature image

If a test centre confirms a positive result for COVID19, contact tracing can begin where all students who have been in contact with the student is notified based on attendance data from the previous 2 weeks. All this is achieved through SEATS COVID19 Dashboard.


SEATS COVID19 Early Alert supports institutions seeking to provide reassurance, and protection to students and staff returning to campus.  This solution is ideal for high volume contactless deployment and is available immediately. For more information, please email with any questions.