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Support widening participation, diversity, access, and inclusion.

Examine both real-time and historical student data to identify trends in student attrition. Ensure that students have timely access to support to get them back on track with their studies. Widening participation teams can implement student success strategies for today, and tomorrow. Deliver better retention and progression outcomes at your institution.

Widening participation solution with student engagement analytics

Analyse student engagement

Identify attrition trends

Intuitive mobile & web apps

Widening participation solution - students engaging

How our widening participation solution works


Connect SEAtS to your campus systems

Work with our specialist onboarding team to get all your siloed student and campus data into one place. Get the training and support you need to start boosting attainment for all students.

Start identifying trends in student attrition

Use both historical and real-time data to easily identify pockets of low student engagement and cross-examine with sociodemographic data.

Implement data-driven student retention strategies

Provide students with support who need it now and inform student access and inclusion strategies going forward. Help your institution achieve it's widening participation goals.

Features for driving widening participation programs

Prioritise data signals

Use our data signal weightings out of the box or work with our customer success team to weight signals differently to reflect learning at your institution. For example, engineering schools can weight student access to labs data differently to accessing online resources.

Capture student attendance

Choose from a variety of student attendance capture solutions. Faculty can see student attendance register in real-time via mobile check in, student card readers, identification scanners, and automatic online attendance registration.

Track student engagement

Pull student engagement data into place. Track progression and wellbeing at school, course, and individual level. Students receive an auto generated AI success score that gives users a better picture of how widening participation students are engaging with their studies.

Use custom tags

Keep track of widening participation students, your way. You can create and assign custom tags, restrict tag view based on user access, and use tags as part of a broader, multi-select filter search. Quickly filter and find the students you need.

Real-time retention alerts

Keep everyone on the same page with real-time alerts. Automatically send push notifications to student, faculty, and staff smartphones that the student is nearing a critical stage concerning their learning engagement. Reduce the risk of students dropping out with early interventions.

Generate progress reports

Utilise out of the box student progression reports or customise your own. Generate pdf. and csv. reports that can be automatically sent to your email. Benefit from regular at-a-glance updates on widening participation students.

Features for managing widening participation

Monitor Progression

A reporting tool that provides a visual display of student metrics. The objective is to give your widening participation team at-a-glance visibility into retention performance by school, course, or module. Summarise physical and virtual data points into easily digestible snippets that can be translated into clear actions for your institution. View online engagement by recency, frequency, and duration.

student engagement dashboard - widening participation solution

Automate Tasks

Use pre-built student retention workflows or customise your own. Automatically escalate students through pre-determined stages. Give student success teams the cover they need to focus on providing support to the students who need it most. Our workflows act as a safety net to monitor academic engagement and progression in the background.

workflow builder for student alerts - wellbeing solution

Check In

Automate appointment bookings as part of a workflow or reach out on a case by case basis. Block out time in the student calendar for an intervention with the option to include online meeting links for remote reviews. Reengage students before they critically drop-off.

book student interventions - widening participation solution
Widening participation solution - engagement metrics

Help make your institution inclusive

Give your widening participation team the actionable insights they need to improve retention and attainment rates for students from underrepresented groups.

Keep students in the loop

Students access their own progression data.

Provide staff with common ground

Join up siloed student data into one platform.

Deliver on access and inclusion goals

Create a diverse body of students at your institution.

Get a free discovery call

Meet with our Business Development Team to discuss our solution.


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