University of Liverpool School of Medicine

Developing Excellence for over 180 years

University of Liverpool School of Medicine

Established in 1834, Liverpool has been at the forefront of medical practice and research for over 180 years and is associated with numerous leading medical alumni, including three Nobel Laureates. This prominence continues today with Liverpool academics leading world-class research on personalised health and infectious diseases.UL is one of the largest Schools in the country, reflecting the superb range of locally available, internationally recognised centres for clinical placement. UL are proud of their unique approach to preparing students for their role as leaders within the health service. Working in partnership with the army, UL provide students with experiential learning opportunities outside of the traditional healthcare or classroom environment that develop their skills in a variety of contexts.The School of Medicine’s undergraduate and graduate entry programmes deliver detailed basic and clinical sciences education within the first two years of undergraduate study, underpinning safe clinical practice.

University of Liverpool chose SEAtS to drive their retention, engagement, attendance and attainment programs. SEAtS will underpin the implementation of their student success strategic plan.

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