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How All-in-One Student Success Software Can Benefit Your Campus

In this blog we look at how student success software, such as the SEAtS Education Success Suite can help boost student retention, improve productivity and efficiency, reduce costs and transform your campus.

1. Student Retention increases on average 12% in one year

Student retention is a key pillar of institutional success and to improve retention, institutions need to identify which students are struggling and facilitate a journey towards Student Success. Better student retention results in increased revenue, reputation and rankings. As a result, utilising student success software such as SEAtS can have a huge impact on your student’s lives and your bottom line too.

2. Productivity on average increases by 31% after one month use

Access to key information all from only one dashboard immediately increases productivity. With instant attendance and engagement data, automated workflows and key student information on one screen, you no longer need multiple systems to find necessary information or struggle with data silos when completing important tasks.

3. Timetable accuracy increases 25% on average after using SEAtS for only 2 months

Timetable scheduling is often in flux in the first few months of the academic year. Rooms are block booked, schedules change and clash, and rooms are often left unused. Real-time attendance and footfall information provides the data needed to align the timetable and schedule for efficient room management. Our student success software can reduce staff workload around scheduling and room management, improve the student experience and reduce energy costs.

Timetable manager working on building student's academic schedules

4. Rejuvenate Your Campus Systems

Struggling to integrate your Learning Management Systems, Timetabling Systems, and Student Record Systems? Let SEAtS be the link that unifies your data and pushes notifications to the top of your faculty inbox. Our student success software eliminates data silos and connects your campus systems into easy to use, simple dashboards.

5. Data Visualisation

Many institutions are struggling with digital and data transformation. Staff aren’t always able to keep up with data literacy. With our student success software, we take the numbers and present them in visually appealing graphics and dashboards so you can quickly get up to speed on any report.

Want to know attendance for a student, class, course, faculty or the entire campus? No problem.

Struggling to understand where your students are disengaging? Simple.

6. Reports

SEAtS include several report templates out of the box so you can immediately see results. As the needs of each institution are different, we also allow you to create custom, ad hoc reports. With SEAtS Student Success Software, you can build your own reports on student attendance, space utilisation, compliance and more. What’s more, you can share directly from SEAtS via email using a number of supported formats.

Workflows - custom academic reports for compliance

7. Expensive Hardware?

Not at all. We offer a wide range of solutions for all your student success and education needs. For student attendance, we can plug into existing card readers, install affordable BLE Beacons or even utilise QR code technology at no extra cost. Our student engagement and space utilisation analytics make use of your existing campus systems and data.

SEAtS Student Success Software will help you reduce costs and increase revenue!

8. Lecturers love SEAtS

Keep track of student attendance without any of the hassle. Let students capture their own attendance so everyone can get on with class, making class time more efficient.  Our student success software removes the need for spreadsheets and manual data collection or input. This saves education institutions valuable time and money.

9. Flexible Cost

With our student success software, the price really depends on what features you want to use, how many students you have and how many rooms you have. But we’re always more than happy to tailor our solutions to your needs and your budget.

We are the only all-in-one platform that delivers student success. This includes attendance monitoring, case management and predictive analytics and more. But you don’t have to buy everything. Once you tell us what you need, we will work with you to help you achieve your goals.

10. Quick Deployment

We can have the full system up and running in 30, 60 or 90 days depending on your requirements. We have worked with amazing clients and streamlined our processes for the most efficient onboarding experience. We would be happy to arrange for you to discuss our onboarding process with any of our clients. Just ask!


To learn more about SEAtS Student Success Software and how to implement it at your institution, get a free demo today!