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Canvas LMS Connector

As an Instructure Canvas LMS Instructure Partner, SEAtS  enable Canvas LMS users to extract student engagement and student attendance data. These insights drive actionable learning analytics within the SEAtS Student Engagement Dashboard and Workflows.

These tools enable user to trigger critical early alerts for students. This assists both professional and academic staff  to make better informed decisions  and timely relevant interventions.

Student administrator with canvas lms connector and instructure community partner logo


Collate Engagement Data

Inform Student Outreach

How SEAtS Canvas LMS integration works

Ensure no time is lost getting student engagement data streaming into your SEAtS dashboard.


Install Connector

Work closely with SEAtS Customer Success Team to install SEAtS Canvas LMS Connector in your Canvas Environment.

Stream Data

Switch on the Canvas LMS Connector to begin the flow of student engagement data from Canvas to SEAtS.

Configure Initial Mapping

Map student engagement signals (submissions, logins, pageviews, quizzes, etc.), course catalogues, and student/staff IDs.

Review by SEAtS Data Audit Team

Link back in with the SEAtS Data Audit Team to make sure that the data stream is working and the signal mapping is correct.

Configure any Customer Specific Mappings

Here is where you can define what true student engagement means at your institution. Work with SEAtS to create a bespoke configuration.

Go Live

Your Canvas LMS Connector is now fully setup and ready to go live! Start making interventions from real-time changes in online engagement.
student administrator installing SEAtS Canvas LMS Connector.

Keep track of students’ Canvas engagement

Pull Canvas engagement data into SEAtS and collate it with other relevant in-person, online, and off-campus student engagement data.

Give staff one place to go

SEAtS Student Engagement Dashboard is the homepage for student administration and support staff. Reduce the need for staff users to jump between systems in an effort to track student engagement. The SEAtS Platform automatically does this in the background. Giving staff back their time to focus on providing proactive support.

Student administrator looking at student engagement dashboard with canvas lms connector
Student support staff looking at low online student canvas engagement

Identify students with low online engagement

In the SEAtS Platform, a student’s engagement is relative to that of their peers. This means that isolated dips in engagement are flagged for staff to see. Build out your dashboard views using our extensive filter builder to only show students with low online engagement, drastic changes in online engagement, etc. Save custom dashboard views for efficient monitoring.

Automate student re-engagement outreach

Work with SEAtS Customer Success Team to build custom Canvas engagement workflows. Trigger student outreach from dips in online student engagement with templated email communications, online meeting requests, etc. The real-time nature of SEAtS Workflow Builder means no time is lost re-engaging students. Make sure no student’s online engagement is overlooked!

Case manager building custom workflow with student outreach options

See our Canvas LMS Connector in action!

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