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City University of London - Case Studies

City focus on improving student retention

See how City, University of London deployed a new student retention and engagement program across the institution.

City University
Compliance Reporting

Automate reports on student engagement.

Reduces Paper Waste

No need for paper based student attendance.

Supports Students

Proactively identify students with low engagement.

Saves Time

Struggling students are surfaced more quickly.

City needed an attendance solution that was

able to report on student attendance across

both in-person and online lectures.

City, University of London is a global higher education institution committed to academic excellence, with a focus on business and the professions and an enviable central London location.

The Challenge

City needed to capture proof of presence and substantive student engagement for compliance purposes. However, the university has a number of alien campus systems, so extracting and collating student information had become an arduous task.

City needed an attendance solution that was able to report on student attendance across both in-person and online lectures, remove paper from the process entirely, provide early alerts for students with low engagement, and save time for students, lecturers and faculty.

The Solution

The SEAtS Education Success Management Platform is an early warning system for retention, engagement, attendance, compliance and attainment issues. Reports, alerts and data analytics are delivered on cloud infrastructure. Students, academic and administrative staff benefit from self-service e-forms and processes designed to engage and retain students, assure compliance and drive achievement levels through proactive early intervention.

SEAtS will deliver the real-time attendance data that will help our teaching and administrative staff ensure that all our students have the best possible experience and outcomes through enhanced support.

Cat EderaProject Sponsor

The Impact

For the first time Personal Tutors have access to attendance data for their tutees, which makes their tutorial engagements more informed and meaningful.

Operationally, SEAtS provide a consistent approach to student engagement and retention including collating student engagement signals, attendance data capture, absence alerts, online registers and evidence of presence with verifiable data streams. The SEAtS platform connects with existing campus systems at City including student records and timetabling.

SEAtS provide sector-leading capability so that we can proactively identify students are encountering difficulties engaging with their studies. This enables us to focus support and tailor our provision accordingly to ensure that all our students have the best possible chance of successfully completing their courses and realising their potential.

Emily ThorntonProgression & Strategy Support Manager
About University
City, University London has chosen SEAtS, the leading student success solution, to deploy its Student Retention program over the next three years across the institution.
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