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Simplify the delivery of blended learning.

Facilitate a seamless integration of technology and digital media with traditional in-person teaching. Manage blended learning better with hybrid academic timetabling, attendance and engagement tracking, progression monitoring features, and automated student outreach and reporting. Available for web and mobile apps.

online lecture attendance - blended learning solution

A complete blended learning solution

Get your institution ready for the new normal in education.  Be in a position to easily offer both in-person and online learning options to students without it affecting their attainment or experience.

academic timetabling - blended learning solution

Academic Timetabling

Give your academic timetabling team the ability to easily transform legacy in-person timetables with online class scheduling.

  • Create one-off or recurring teaching events
  • Automatically surface timetable clashes
  • Easily manage room capacities
  • Schedule work experience, clinical placements, and more
  • Bulk update and sync events to Microsoft Teams calendars
  • Keep everyone on the same page with real-time schedule updates

Student Attendance

Attendance is a key indicator of student success. Capture, manage, and report on student attendance in-class, online, and off-campus.

  • Students can check into class via mobile app
  • Automatically register online attendance
  • Register attendance in real-time
  • Students can claim their seat in class
  • Choose from a variety of attendance capture methods
  • Generate out of the box attendance reports
student attendance - blended learning solution
student engagement - blended learning solution

Student Engagement

Keep track of in-person and online engagement. Gain actionable insights from student analytics to improve teaching delivery and boost outcomes.

  • Capture engagement from over 50 student touch points
  • Prioritize weighting for engagement data signals
  • Customize your own lead indicators dashboard
  • Quantify engagement with a single success score
  • Surface patterns in progression and attrition
  • Automatically push real-time engagement alerts

Student Wellbeing

Give support teams the insights they need to keep students on track to graduate. Create a two-pronged approach to wellbeing.

  • One dashboard that drills down from school to student
  • Store all activity in the individual student profile
  • Let students raise their hand if they need support
  • Automate outreach as part of a pre-built workflow
  • Track specific cohorts using SmartTags
  • Generate out of the box progression reports
contact students directly - financial aid compliance solution

How our blended learning solution works


Get SEAtS up and running

Work closely with our customer success team of onboarding specialists to start seeing results quickly. Connect SEAtS blended learning solution to your existing campus systems and technology to get rid of siloed data overnight. Work through defining your goals and how to achieve them. Organise training sessions to ensure maximum user adoption and buy-in.

Easily deliver blended learning

Schedule both in-person and online teaching events from the same window. Manage room capacities, resources, and any ad-hoc changes that need to be made with ease. Create synchronous and asynchronous events. Sync events created in SEAtS to student, faculty, and staff calendars.

Manage student progression to graduation

Never lose sight of a student's academic progression as they transition from in-person to online learning. Capture student engagement from a wide range of data points across your campus, like LMS interactions and attendance. Surface patterns in learning and identify students who may be struggling. Ensure your support services are being used where they are needed.
blended learning solution - online student attendance

A seamless blended learning experience

Provide a smooth transition from in-person to online teaching and learning for all users in your institution.  Give students, faculty, and staff all the tools they need to succeed in blended learning.

student using mobile app - blended learning solution

For Students

Students are given ownership over their learning. They can keep track of their attendance and engagement using our intuitive mobile and web apps.

Track academic progression

Students get at a glance updates of their average attendance and engagement. From here, they can delve deeper into each interaction to get a better understanding of how they learn and where they can improve.

Choose how to learn

Students have the choice to attend their classes online or claim their seat in class and attend in-person. Allow students to attend in real-time or access the material when they wish and still count the lecture as attended.

Make wellbeing a priority

Students can take the first steps to correct their academic trajectory. If they feel they are struggling, they can reach out to faculty and staff directly from the mobile app. Make student wellbeing a two-way conversation.

For Faculty

Reduce wasted admin time and allow teachers, lecturers, and professors to focus on imparting knowledge to their students.

Manage blended learning classes

Start lectures from one screen. Generate class specific QR codes. Register student attendance in real-time. Distinguish between who is attending in-person and online. Contact students directly.

Capture student attendance off-campus

Schedule off-campus events, like field trips and work placements. Turn a faculty member’s smartphone into a Bluetooth beacon for students to check into the event and register attendance.

Monitor student engagement

Monitor the academic engagement and progression of students related to that faculty member. Easily identify students who may be struggling with their studies early.

faculty teaching a remote class - blended learning solution
staff scheduling online classes - blended learning solution

For Staff

Give your scheduling, student support, and administration staff the tools they need to easily perform daily tasks and make plans for the future.

Keep everyone on the same page

Manage one central timetable that automatically sends push notifications of schedule changes to students and faculty in real-time. Use tags for resources, so teaching staff have the right equipment at hand.

Make effective student interventions

Each student is given an AI generated engagement score that is standardised to their cohort. Filter by score for a list of students to check-in with. Improve student retention rates and support services.

Automate time-consuming tasks

Our powerful workflow engine is designed to do the heavy lifting for your administration staff. Automate stakeholder reporting and communications, as well as, visa and financial aid compliance processes.

Get started today!

Discuss your requirements with our Customer Success Team.


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